TravelPerk’s May 2022 Marketplace Update

Welcome to the May 2022 Marketplace Update. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks. New Integration Launches, Integration Updates, and New Product Features are some of the key Marketplace updates this month. There is more to explore, please continue reading.

The latest marketing updates include:

  • Embers caption
  • To spend
  • Apple Pay launches by Soldo
  • Jabbatikal

When dealing with expenses, treat your employees with simple expense management

Embers caption

We’ve teamed up with Emburse Captio to make business travel easier for our clients and their staff.

আছে What is there for TravekPerk’s customers?

Thanks to the integration with Emburse Captio, you get full visibility of your travel costs within Emburse, along with other on-trip staff costs. View the total cost of employees, teams or projects and integrate directly into Embers Analytics to make decisions based on real data. This integration is available for all Premium and Pro users, in Spain and in the EU
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About Embers Cap

Embers is a state-of-the-art cost management company that provides solutions that revolutionize the way employees manage costs, invoice processing and payments. Through the empowerment of business travelers, financial professionals and CFOs, Embers humanizes the work to eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks so that they can focus on the most important issues.

Gain more control over what costs are sent to the Expense side and who receives them

To spend

With the new version of Expensify Integration, you decide which payment profiles will forward expenses to Expensify and who will receive them.

L.Earn more here

What is there for velTravelPerk customers?

This is especially helpful:
Some payment profiles need to be excluded from Expensify integration

When you only want to send the cost of the payment profile associated with the credit card to Expensify.
When using a shared payment profile attached to a shared email.
You can set up billing contact email to get costs for that profile, so bookers won’t get the costs they don’t care about.
When using personal payment methods.
You may decide that expenses incurred using personal payment methods (created by users) need to be forwarded to reimburse them, or not.

About Expensify

Expensify is the most popular pre-accounting platform in the world. Whether you’re working for yourself, managing a global team, or closing books for your clients, Expensify helps you narrow down the spreadsheet so you have more time to focus on things that are really important.

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Pay quickly and easily with Apple Pay


TravelPerk clients will now be able to pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch using Soldo integration.

What is there for raTravelPerk customers?

Always ready
Forgot your wallet? No problem. Pay using your Apple device – in-store and online – anywhere you accept Apple Pay.

Easy to use
Paying online and in-store has become much easier. No need to memorize PIN number or type card details, just use Apple Pay.

With Apple Pay, your card numbers aren’t shared with merchants and you don’t have to worry about losing your card.

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About Soldo:

Soldo is a payment and expense management automation platform designed for businesses of all sizes, empowering individuals and departments to make payments and assist financial parties to control and track costs.

Building towards a world where moving from one country to another is completely paperless


We’ve teamed up with Jobbatical to save our customers time, automate repetitive tasks, and provide a pleasant transfer experience for their international staff.

আছে What is there for TravekPerk’s customers?

  1. Easy invitatione: The platform takes care of the rest, guiding you and your talents through every step of the process.
  1. Document collection: Smart Forms asks your genius for the right information at the right time and saves it to your account for easy access.
  1. Tracking dashboard: Get a bird’s eye view of your migration.
  2. Branded Platform: From a nice customized platform to reflect your brand.

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Take your business travel management to the next level by integrating our partners into your platform or workflow. Our market has grown 5x in 2021, And now you can view and manage all your travel-related expenses in one place. Send approval and manage your users through some of the top integrations like Rydoo, Emburse, BambooHR, OneLogin and many more.
Give travelers the freedom they want while maintaining the control you need for your business with Travelpark.

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