TravelPerk’s June 2022 Marketplace Update

TravelPerk’s partnership team has worked hard this past month, and many contributors have shared their recent progress to keep our community informed. Continue reading to learn more about our on-site training sessions with our partners, the value of matching in real life (IRL), and our adventures of traveling to Europe to meet a wide range of teams.

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This month we welcome the cheerful faces of our partner circular, sales team We had the opportunity to bring the teams together, learn new things about each other’s teams, collaborate and have fun together at dinners and activities in Barcelona.

As Juliet Coruwer, head of the Circular Partnershipays ”When we were accustomed to working virtually together, the opportunity to meet face to face was an invaluable experience for both of our teams as we built a stronger partnership. We need to dive deeper into the benefits of our general customer base – and our sales team is ready to spread the word about TravelPerk! We would like to thank TravelPerk for the warm welcome and look forward to our next visit! – TravelPerkees greetings from your 26 Circulator visitors

About the circular:

The circular sets new standards in travel and expense management. With the GoBD-tested app, you build compliance in your company, increase your employee productivity, and save time in your accounting department with intelligent automation and smart APIs.

Meeting in person is valuable not only for educational reasons, but also for getting to know each other better and having fun. This helps both teams understand each other better and this is also confirmed by a recent study by Forbes Insight, where 85% of people say they Has created stronger, more meaningful business relationships During private meetings and conferences.

Not only did our partners come to us, the TravelPerk team also traveled this month! TravelPerk Europe was on its way to meet our cost management partners at IRL! Starting with.


This quarter we had another opportunity to meet our partners from Michelin, Belgium. The foundation of any partnership is trust, communication and transparency and this is what we are building through our IRL meetings in Europe. Meeting in London, or in Barcelona and other times in Belgium, meeting our partners is a great opportunity for good smiles, team bonding and future planning.

‘Having the opportunity to meet our partners in person provides an unparalleled value. Our face-to-face meetings have helped build a meaningful relationship with our travelpark colleagues and we are excited to continue building a stronger and better joint solution together. ” Says Justin Borja, head of Rydoo’s partnership.

About Rydoo

Rydoo is the first mobile app that cleans administrative tasks for employees and finance team Giving people more time to focus on important things. With over 1 million happy users from over 160 countries, Rydoo is a top-class cost management solution.


Moving to our HR partner, SesameHR, the TravelPerk team visited Themat in their office in Valencia.

Leticia Gonzalbez, head of marketing, says SesameHR
” It was really interesting to welcome TravelPark to our office to see how their tools work and how easy it is to conduct business trips with them. Our sales team has the potential to advise on situations that may occur during business trips and TravelPark has found it very enriching to see how it is able to find a solution for them. Therefore, we take environmental protection very seriously. This is why we loved Gripark, their tool for calculating CO2 emissions and compensating by booking through their platform. Meetings that are important happen in person

About SesameHR:

Sesame HR Human resource software that optimizes and centralizes employee management processes on a single platform. Through multiple tools and automation, it helps companies digitize and simplify routine tasks so they can spend more time and effort creating the best experience for their employees.

Next stop … France 3


We were really excited to meet our partner Zenji’s sales team in person. We toured their office and spent some leisure time with nice food and drinks. Meeting in person is a great opportunity to describe our plans in detail, to meet a wide range of people, and to get to know each other better.

Jordi Callie, travelpark’s partner manager, says
Meeting IRL with our partners always feels different than having a zoom meeting. The face-to-face meeting with the bat instantly creates the vibration for the normal development of the relationship and makes it easier for the teams to bond with each other and achieve better results.. ”

About Zenji:

Zenzi has redefined cost management solutions by creating a user interface accessible to a variety of devices around the world, providing real-time and consistent data to the finance department, relying on cloud and AI technology. Analyzing your costs from scanning receipts, Zenji automates every single step of the process. It’s as simple as taking a picture of a receipt and it will be automatically uploaded and submitted for approval. Zenji’s solution will adapt to your company’s spending policy which will leverage the work of cost approval managers.

Next stop … United Kingdom 3

Web costs

Claire Mackie, as Partner Manager at Travelpark Said

” When you meet in person, you are able to see someone in their natural habitat. For all of us in the partnership team, this is a great opportunity to get to know our partners, build meaningful relationships and build a collaborative solution with deep roots at the technology level as well as at the individual level.

About web costs:

Webexpenses’s online expense management software automatically manages how you manage business expenses. Our intuitive digital platform makes it easy to submit, approve, and report expenses. Our multi-level workflow is configured to meet your needs, providing automatic consent and custom reporting to ensure control and visibility.

Meeting our partners in person is an invaluable tool. When we meet in person, the conversation can be extended, allowing us to delve deeper and then touch on all the important aspects of the business relationship.

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