TravelPerk’s July 2022 Marketplace Update

Monthly Marketplace Updates are designed to help our community better understand what’s new in our Marketplace and provide important insight for our clients about our brand new integrations and the information needed to implement them. Additionally, in this month’s blog post you’ll learn more about the events we’re participating in and ways to make your employee’s travel easier in the current situation of delayed or canceled flights.

This month’s Marketplace blog post contains updates about us:

  • Developers of partners
  • business partner
  • client

Update for developers

Starting with our new product update, we’ve introduced new functionality to our sandbox:


We’ve added an additional tool for our partner developers to make integration testing with TravelPerk easier. Want to give this a try? Test a car rental in our sandbox environment.

Book trains and cars and cancel any booking you make, hassle-free.

Learn more here

TravelPerk Trip Webhook

This is a very exciting update, because you no longer have to poll our API to find new trips.
New webhooks let you subscribe to notifications whenever a trip is created or modified – efficiently integrating with TravelPerk to create more accurate value for customers.

How does it help you?

Now you can trigger any workflow based on a trip and specific details associated with that trip.

For example, to calculate the per diem allowance:

  1. Subscribe to Webhook to get a notification as soon as a new trip is booked.
  2. All details about destination, time and duration will be shared within the same payload – allowing you to calculate what the traveler is entitled to.
  3. In case of any change in the itinerary – you will be informed to adjust the allowance accordingly.

Learn more about how webhooks work and how to implement them in our documentation.

For developers, by developers

Finally, have you heard about our new blog post written by our own engineers? Start your week with how our team is busy building our platform for the future, focusing on the core belief that building fewer but better things makes a big impact.

Learn more about how we are delivering a 7* experience to our clients here

Updates for our partners

Continuing with updates for our partners, we are pleased to announce that we are attending Touring Fest in Edinburgh.

Meet us in real life: Touring Fest, 27-28 July, Edinburgh

Touring Fest enables you to learn and connect with the best in technology and gain practical insight into successful startups and high-growth tech businesses building, growing, and leading in the arts and sciences – see for yourself!

Be sure to hear our COO’s Huw Slater talk about “How to Survive a Crisis: Lessons from a War Time COO” on July 27th from 1:35 – 2:05pm.

Join us in the TravelPerk Lounge, at Europe’s best cross-functional tech conference.
Get your tickets here!

Updates for clients

We’re aware that many of your employees are working remotely during the summer, and so we’ve prepared some recommendations for you that will make your staff travel a breeze.

we work

We’ve teamed up with WeWork to bring our customers a special discount on WeWork All Access, a monthly membership that unlocks hundreds of convenient workspaces, giving you access to professional spaces and amenities close to home and around the world.

Learn more here.


As you know, there’s been a wave of airline flight delays and cancellations, and so we want to make sure we’ve got you covered. Through our collaboration with AirHelp, we help you get refunds for any delayed or canceled flights easily and hassle-free.

Learn more here.


Last but not least, we’ve teamed up with Stasher so you never have to stash your luggage again. Stasher offers luggage storage in hotels and shops across cities worldwide – perfect for the first or last day of your trip.

Learn more here.

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