TravelPerk’s April 2022 Marketplace Update

How are you all! April is almost over, but that doesn’t stop us from sharing Marketplace updates with you for this month and giving you a glimpse of what’s going to happen next.

The latest marketing updates include:

  • Planetically
  • Deskpass
  • Gimpas
  • Airhelp
  • Soles Global

Understand your company’s footprint outside of travel


We’ve teamed up with Planetally to help our clients add their travel emissions from their company activity to an integrated view of their total footprint in all other emissions, without any data collection effort.

আছে What is there for TravekPerk’s customers?

Thanks to integration with Planetly, your travel emissions will automatically be transferred from TravelPerk to Planetly, where all other emissions from your company are calculated. The TravelPerks API provides Planetly with carbon footprint data for customers and then Planetly TravelPerk helps customers understand their footprint outside of travel.
Monitor your total company footprint in one place
Track your emissions in real-time
Get effective insights to reduce your company’s footprint and monitor your performance over time
Learn more here

About Planetically

Planetally is a leading climate technology company by OneTrust, enabling businesses to analyze, reduce and offset their carbon emissions and implement overall ESG management.

Revolutionize the way your people work. Give them the freedom to choose where they will do their best


We are teaming up with Deskpass, the largest on-demand network in the workplace to meet every need of your team. Choose from over 1000 locations worldwide and pay only for the space you use – desk by day, meeting room by hour and personal office by day, week or month.

What is there for velTravelPerk customers?

Special Discount: Free booking credit of $ 250 for each new TravelPerk customer who signs up.
Learn how to get discounts here

Reserve inspirational desks, meeting rooms, and private offices whenever and wherever you need them

About deskpass

The largest on-demand network in the workplace to meet every need of your team. Designed to meet the needs of your evolving business in an ever-changing world. By dramatically reducing your company’s operating costs, pay for the space you need on the days you need it.

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Offer your employees access to the best fitness centers and apps with flexible plans for your employees

Jim Pass

We’ve teamed up with Gimpas to help our customers offer their employees unlimited access to top gym, studio and wellbeing apps.

What is there for velTravelPerk customers?
Special discount: 25% discount on annual enterprise subscription.
Learn how to get discounts here

About Gimpas:

Gimpus is a complete corporate wellbeing platform solution that provides overall support for a full workforce. Gympass brings your staff the most premium gym, studio, and fitness app all in one place.

👀 Coming …

Take a look at what’s coming to our marketplace

Keep your workforce safe when traveling for business


AirHelp airline compensates passengers when their flight is delayed, canceled or over-booked.

About Airhelp:

Your team members may owe up to 600 euros if their flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked. AirHelp is a claims management firm that enforces passenger rights against airlines in the event of a flight interruption.

Mixture: Coming soon

Soles Global

Help your staff understand threats, cultural sensitivities, vaccinations, and the precautions necessary for a safe and successful journey.

About Soles Global:

Soles Global Risk makes business travel safer. They mitigate security threats with the help of advanced risk management technology supported by our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center. Soles Secure’s mobile app and web platform combines intelligent tracking of travelers with a team of expert analysts to ensure you take responsibility for your care when planning and managing business trips – all through one platform.

Mixture: Coming soon

Take your business travel management to the next level by integrating our partners into your platform or workflow. Our market has grown 5x in 2021, And now you can view and manage all your travel expenses in one place Send approval and manage your users through some of the top integrations like Rydoo, Emburse, BambooHR, OneLogin and many more.
Give travelers the freedom they want while maintaining the control you need for your business with Travelpark.

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