TravelPerk product and market update – April 2022

We are committed to bringing the highest value to our customers – it’s just us. So, we’ve introduced a number of big and small updates to address the pain issues that our customers have highlighted.

Now, you can estimate how much VAT you can recover with our VAT calculator. Administrators can expedite the invoice reconciliation process and perform “bulk-user” actions. FlexiPerk is now also available in the UAE 6 and Singapore 7. Our customers can now integrate with Soldo to make the cost easier. Our incredible engineering team made just a few changes last month!

Cost Savings Update:

Estimate how much VAT you can recover

Our new online travel VAT calculator can help you estimate how much VAT you can collect while traveling in Europe.

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Speed ​​up your invoice reconciliation process

Download a .csv of all your invoices to speed up your invoice reconciliation process

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Admin power-up update:

Bulk user archive or direct user export

You can now archive, unarchive and delete users, as well as download a list of users directly from the People page.

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Integration Update:

Streamline your spend management with Soldo 🇬🇧

Connect Travelpark to Soldo and air your travel expenses management! All premium and pro customers in the EU and UK can use the new Soldo and TravelPerk integration to sync invoices from TravelPerk to the Soldo platform for travel expenses using a Soldo card. This will remove any manual work for cost reconciliation and get rich insights and data within the Soldo platform in real time.

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Regional updates:

FlexiPerk is now available in the UAE 🇦🇪 and Singapore

Customers in the UAE and Singapore can now use FlexiPerk to book any trip with peace of mind that if the plan changes, they can cancel and get their money back with just one click. Anytime. No questions asked anywhere. They can choose between: self-boarding at FlexiPerk company, so a certain 10% fee will be refundable on each trip; Adding FlexiPerk trips to each trip is a flexible fee (averaging 15% of the trip).

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Trenitalia train fares at TravelPerk 6

Our customers can directly book Trenitalia train fares in Italy at TravelPerk. Another step towards more sustainable travel.

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