Top 5 Group Travel Management Software Options for 2022

Organizing a corporate group trip can be a challenge. Everyone has their own preferences, and you must please them all while adhering to budget and company travel policies. Some of these challenges include:

  • Determine travel dates that suit the most people.
  • Find the best hotel rates.
  • Dealing with the different needs of belonging within the group.
  • Managing requests and expectations while building team morale and ensuring a successful trip.
  • Finding and booking trips with all necessary approvals.
  • Creating and monitoring tracking spreadsheets and emails.
  • Invoice collection and consolidation.
  • Manually tracking expenses against your budget.
  • Staying close to delays and changes.
  • Accommodating flights and bookings quickly.

Doing all this manually is time consuming and demanding. While arrangements are being finalized, you need your own vacation.

There must be more automated solutions to do this, right? The good news is that with the advancement of travel technology, there is definitely a better way.

Travel management software is no longer just built for large enterprises. Companies of all sizes can benefit from travel management software for their group trip and expense management needs.

Whether you’re new to travel management software or looking for alternatives to your current version, we’ve included the top 5 travel management software options with an overview of what they can offer you.

Let’s see how using travel management software can ease the challenges of group travel and give you a great customer experience.

Taking effort from group travel

In past small business group travel, each employee booked their own travel following the company’s travel policy. Then they demanded compensation.

Large companies use travel agencies or even travel software solutions with large markups, commissions and support call fees. For booking trips for large groups, you need to find a cost-effective solution to book trips and collect all invoices.

With travel management software, group travel booking becomes much easier in the following ways:

  • Each employee books for themselves in the system.
  • Travel policies are built-in, so they can only use options that comply with your rules
  • Your company details are built into the system for payment, so there is no need to refund the employee later.
  • Easy to book and manage upcoming group trips for you
  • Makes it faster to track travel experience of previous trips.
  • Consolidate travel invoices and provides vendors so you can easily track travel expenses and qualify for bulk spend discounts.
  • Provides expense reports.
  • Makes it easy to manage taxes and claim VAT.
  • Saves you time, money and effort.

There are many travel management system options available throughout the travel industry, however Not all are prepared towards group trips. We listed last Top 5 Travel Management Software Options for Group Travel Along with a list of their unique selling points to make group travel easier for you.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a user-friendly online travel management platform specializing in corporate travel management. Your group trips are completed within your TravelPerk account so you can manage all your business travel in one place.

TravelPerk can accommodate up to eight travelers on a trip. For larger group trips you can use the concierge service. They will help you enjoy discounted group rates.

TravelPerk features and services include:

  • The world’s largest travel directory
  • Easy self-booking for travelers in groups of eight
  • Workflow for automated travel policy compliance and approval
  • 24/7, 7-star customer support
  • Access to real-time travel cost data
  • Pay, report and invoice all company trips through just one account
  • Automatic VAT recovery so you can claim up to 20% of your group travel VAT
  • Group bookings for hotels, flights and rail travel

TravelPerk also has a special event function. TravelPerk Events makes it easy and fast for you to organize every detail of your event-based business trip. You can do everything from Managing participants And Booking process per scheduleor Select location. All in one click.

Some of the features of this complete solution for meeting and event management include:

  • One-stop destination for general meeting and event travel management: Saves you money and time
  • Invitation to participants: Invite attendees to events and track responses and booking status
  • cooperation: Share travel details like name, logistics, agenda and more comprehensive travel itinerary with participants.
  • communication: Keep participants updated with additional information or changes to plans
  • Visibility: View travel plans with arrival and departure times and participant accommodation details

TravelPerk is the highest rated travel management software on platforms like G2 and Capterra.

2. FCM

FCM is a travel management platform-based global company that promises to deliver a new type of travel management.

Their group travel offering caters to all groups and will tailor your group travel management path to your needs and requirements.

Their group travel services include:

  • Negotiating rent
  • Keep your people in line with your event travel policy
  • Cloud-based delegate registration
  • Pre- and post-travel management
  • Budget management and reconciliation
  • Group airfare options, charters, accommodations, and land transfers such as car rentals
  • Consolidated travel data reporting
  • Day Delegate Package and Food and Beverage Package
  • Off-the-shelf team-building with CSR activities
  • 24/7 emergency support

3. Yuli

Youli is an online platform-based company that offers tour operator software to help you organize group trips. Their offering is very different from the services offered by TravelPerk and FCM

While their platforms are used by companies to book their group business trips, Yuli’s solution is aimed at integrating travel booking companies and tour operators into their websites.

They have an attractive travel planner functionality that is accessible 24/7 by your travelers, even if they are offline. Itinerary Builder offers many functionalities, such as:

  • Common group travel management software is capable of creating individual itineraries and profiles
    • Create opt-ins for pre-trip accommodations, activities, and rentals
    • All documents and tasks are always available for traveling guests through a convenient mobile app
    • Integration with Unsplash stock images to help you look professional
  • Booking and payment processing
    • Offer flexible pricing options per person within the group
    • 0% booking fee option to help you scale and keep more revenue
    • Word docs and sheets are not required
  • Starter travel website with booking integration
    • High-speed, SEO, and mobile-optimized websites with no web development knowledge
    • Essential time-saving tools and integrations for group trip management
    • Affordable custom website for small travel business
  • A supportive community of travel professionals
    • Learn and apply best industry practices
    • Train your team quickly with 1:1 consultation

4. Moonstride

Moonstride is a travel management platform built by a team of visionaries, architects, engineers, marketers and strategic consultants.

They are part of the Vsourz Group, headquartered in London and with offices in the UK, Spain, Canada, UAE and India. Their team specializes in travel CRM, booking engines, back office, travel CMS websites, mobile apps and digital marketing.

They offer an easy-to-use system that helps simplify group travel bookings for tour operators, organizers and travelers alike. The system covers the following features for different users:

Organizers can:

  • View, accept, reject and tailor quotes
  • Review their booking details, transfer information from price per person
  • Turn an estimate into a booking by paying a deposit
  • Invite travelers to group bookings to make their selections and payments

Travelers can:

  • View invitations
  • Add their details to a booking
  • Invite other travelers
  • Choose their packages and options
  • Pay for their space
  • to pay
  • Select travelers to pay
  • Choose their packages and options
  • Pay online by credit card or request a bank transfer

Your business can:

  • Accept the search
  • Construct a quote
  • Creates an itinerary for the booking
  • Manage bookings
  • Tailored package
  • Manage operations
  • Reporting
  • Rush payment
  • Contact suppliers
  • Integrate with other systems

5. Groupdesk

Groupdesk is a B2B white label solution that helps you simplify your group travel business by bringing all the work pieces online. They have revolutionized how your company sells group travel and manages online bookings.

With Groupdesk you can create and manage different types of trips. You can create inventory and price points for any type of product, from 5-star hotel suites, shared dorms, and insurance to ski rentals.

It offers a travel agent interface where travel planners can manage and control their products and sales. It also has a traveler interface where travelers book and organize their travel.

System features include:

  • Automatic recurring payments
  • B2B White Label Solutions
  • Brand control
  • 24/7 booking
  • Create tailored experiences and itineraries
  • Marketing and Communication
  • CRM and Sales
  • Traveler self-management
  • Inventory and supplier management

Among these options, there is a difference in the features and services it offers TravelPerk offers a travel management solution focused on corporate group travel. Their solutions include expense management software, VAT recovery, consolidated invoices and more. Reporting capabilities include cost optimization instead of just tracking numbers.

Would you like to see how travel management software can make it easier for you to find cost-effective solutions and book trips for large groups of people without collecting invoices?

Request a demo and experience business trip packed into an all-in-one travel platform with TravelPerk.

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