Top 5 Egencia Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Companies with employees traveling internationally have an endless list of tasks and expenses to manage and track—flight bookings, accommodations, car rentals, project management, pre-trip approvals, per diem expenses, employee security, trip cancellations, and more.

Travel management solutions help businesses manage all these corporate travel hassles and create lasting positive experiences for employees. Business travel management tools make corporate travel less painful by automating travel request approval, travel booking, inventory operations, travel compliance and change requests.

These corporate travel management solutions also streamline travel and expense (T&E) reporting, have a great CRM, and offer real-time reports for corporate stakeholders and finance teams. They are basically your modern day travel agency.

This article helps you evaluate the best Egencia options, their unique features, key services, and what to look for when choosing business travel management software solutions.

Top 5 Egencia Alternatives

If you’re looking for the best Egencia options, here’s a comprehensive list to help you find the perfect software for your corporate travel needs.

1. Travelpark

TravelPerk is a universal business travel platform that simplifies travel management with online booking, risk management, VAT recovery, trip cancellation and 24/7 support. TravelPerk’s business travel management platform enables you to manage expense reports, approve trips and enforce travel policies.

TravelPerk not only ensures a smooth employee experience but also guarantees customer support in 15 seconds or less.

TravelPerk Features and Services:

  • 24/7 Support: TravelPerk guarantees a 15-second response time 24/7, thanks to its excellent in-house customer support team.
  • Online Booking Tool: Compare and book flights, trains, hotels or car rentals with the world’s largest inventory at TravelPerk.
  • Risk Management: Keep your employees safe and fulfill your duty of care with real-time alerts on health emergencies, political crises and similar events.
  • FlexiPerk: Let your employees enjoy flexible business travel with the FlexiPerk cancellation policy. Cancel tickets 2 hours before travel and up to 4 PM on the day of check in at the hotel.
  • Recovery of VAT: TravelPerk helps finance teams save time and businesses money with VAT-compliant invoices for all travel bookings on the TravelPerk platform.
  • Greenpark: Reduce the carbon footprint of your organization’s business travel with TravelPerk’s carbon offsetting program.

TravelPerk vs. Egencia

While both TravelPerk and Egencia offer similar features, TravelPerk wins overall for several reasons:

  • TravelPerk scored higher than Egencia in both G2 and Capterra, meaning it’s the people’s choice.
  • TravelPerk offers more comprehensive support, including live chat and phone support.
  • Travelpark scores for easy travel and itinerary management—two critical parts of corporate travel.
  • TravelPerk is good for reporting corporate travel.
  • TravelPerk excels in policy compliance management.

User reviews show that TravelPerk is the corporate travel management solution of choice for small businesses and mid-market businesses due to its ease of use and administration.

Additionally, TravelPerk’s feature updates and roadmaps are superior to Egencia’s. Also, TravelPerk offers more value options than Egencia.

Click below for a more detailed comparison between both the platforms:

2. Travel BCD

BCD Travel enables companies to increase business travel ROI with a suite of innovative tools The company serves mid-sized companies to large corporations in the US and Europe with multiple corporate travel management solutions.

BCD Travel Features and Services:

  • Real-Time Alerts: BCD Alert provides real-time threat notifications through a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) to keep travelers safe.
  • Travel savings: BCD Travel’s TripSource® helps organizations reduce travel costs and encourage better traveler behavior.
  • COVID-19 Information Center: Helps organizations make better travel decisions with up-to-date COVID-19 related information.
  • Data Reporting: BCD Travel also enables analysis of category spend and key metrics with the business intelligence platform DecisionSource®.
  • Duties of duty of care: Ensure the safety of travel workers with safety program assessments and interactive safety maps.
  • Cost Management: BCD Travel’s BCD Pay offers end-to-end travel expense management visibility and simplifies payment setup.

BCD Travel vs Egencia

While both solutions offer relatively similar features, they differ in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). BCD Travel does not seem to have a strong presence on the SaaS review platform and is therefore not a popular go-to corporate travel management solution. BCD is more expensive to implement than travel agency.

3. SAP agrees

SAP Concur aims to create a better corporate travel experience with best-in-class travel, expense, and invoice management tools. Businesses can use SAP Concur to build an integrated and automated corporate travel system that enhances the employee experience while meeting business goals.

SAP Concur Features and Services:

  • Automatic Expense Reporting: SAP’s Concur Expense makes expense management fast and accurate through automation. Businesses can integrate SAP Concur with ERP to get a 360-degree view of business finances.
  • Quick Payback: SAP Expenses is designed to create, categorize and itemize expenses from receipts uploaded by employees.
  • Travel Cost Insights: In addition to enabling businesses to save money and identify invisible costs, SAP Concur’s TripLink provides real-time alerts and reminders for traveling employees.
  • Policy Compliance: SAP’s Concur Request provides advanced forecasting and helps businesses enforce policy compliance. You can use the Concur Request API to create processes for improved efficiency.
  • Mobility: Employees and businesses can submit, approve, and manage expense reports using the SAP Concur mobile app.

SAP Competition Vs. gentleness

Corporate travel managers find Egencia better than SAP Concur based on the following features.

  • Compliance with PCI regulations.
  • Superior mobile user support.
  • Easy-to-use rules and workflows.
  • Smart employee expense categorization.
  • Seamless workflow for complex expense authorization structures.
  • Credit card integration for seamless expense tracking and payments.
  • Advanced integration with various travel systems and software solutions.

Egencia’s acceptance in the enterprise sector is better than SAP Concur. Also, Egencia beats SAP Concur in several areas including expense reporting, travel authorization, client invoicing, reporting and administration.

4. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT)

Amex GBT is one of the top Egencia competitors serving companies of all sizes across all industries This best SaaS product offers built-in efficiency for smart budgeting, employee wellness and a smooth travel experience.

Amex GBT Features and Services:

  • Travel savings: Amex GBT’s re-shop tools enable businesses to save money through rate reductions and effortless ticket rebooking.
  • Stay Modern: Businesses can stay up-to-date on recent events and make informed decisions, thanks to Travel Vitals™.
  • Airline Credit Reporting: Get a holistic view of unused tickets and total refunds with Amex GBT’s easy-to-use reporting tool.
  • Data and analysis: Amex GBT’s Premier Insights™ provides organizations with insight into benchmarks, data integration, ways to improve and key-ifs.
  • 24/7 Support: Access itineraries, profiles, and supplier programs around the clock.
  • Personal Assistant: Navigate business travel challenges on the go with a personal assistant.

Amex GBT Vs. innovation

Amex GBT acquires leading digital travel management platform Egencia from Expedia Group in 2021. Amex GBT does not have a strong presence on software review sites and is not popular among businesses other than large corporations.

5. Travelbank

TravelBank is a universal travel solution, card and expense management software product that helps businesses save up to 40% on their travel and expense programs. Their end-to-end solutions cover everything from costs to rewards to customer support and even an innovative marketplace.

Features and Services of TravelBank:

  • Corporate Travel Management: Book flights, hotels and cars from a single place and encourage employees to plan better trips.
  • Tracking Business Expenses: Gain visibility into business expenses with seamless reporting. Businesses can enable one-tap trip authorizations and add multiple stops to mileage costs.
  • Custom Reports: Gather insight into travel spending, including leaks and trends, through an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard.
  • Corporate Card Management: Monitor corporate expense compliance with easy bank integration, transaction status sync, and fast reconciliation.
  • Integration: TravelBank allows you to easily integrate data with existing ERP, SSO, HRIS systems and cards.

TravelBank vs. Egencia

Egencia beats TravelBank with many of the features that corporate travel users find important for a secure and enjoyable business trip.

  • Real-time alerts to stay up-to-date on recent events.
  • Restrictions management for user-level access control.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Corporate travelers trust Egencia more because of its experience in the corporate travel management market and features that make business travel seamless.

Wrap on the top Egencia option

If you’re looking for the best Egencia alternatives, the list above is your go-to resource for comparing top Egencia competitors. If you’re knee-deep in research, you’ll notice that each of the above solutions has unique capabilities and the truth Alternatives to Egencia; Worth every consideration. Identify business travel challenges in your organization to help make a decision from this list and try the tool first before you fully invest.

You are looking for an all-in-one travel management solution that helps you Make informed decisions, enforce duty of care, automate expense tracking, provide insights and simplify employee reimbursement.

As one of the most preferred travel management companies, TravelPerk helps companies modernize their travel programs with employee tracking, real-time updates, business travel and expense management features and more.

TravelPark beats Egencia in terms of ease of use, real-time customer support, itinerary management, advanced integrations and powerful reporting, just to name a few. Also, TravelPark is better suited to mid-market and enterprise companies whereas Egencia is only known for the latter.

Get in touch to learn more about how TravelPerk can help you optimize business travel spend and maximize ROI.

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