Top 4 Corporate Travel Management Companies in Aberdeen

As a travel manager, you probably know how challenging and overwhelming it can be to find the best prices, track travel costs, and oversee your company’s travel plans.

Without proper structure, you’ll quickly become overworked and things will start to fall out of place. However, you don’t have to do everything yourself, as travel management companies (TMCs) can help.

These TMCs save your time and labor and ensure policy compliance to make the entire travel process seamless and convenient.

If you are looking for the best travel management company for business based in Aberdeen, you have come to the right place. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide that includes the best features to consider when choosing a travel management agency and the top four corporate/business travel management companies to review.

Features to look for while choosing a travel management company

Many travel management companies for business in San Jose offer travel technology to assist in the booking process or have dedicated agents to help you book your trip.

Keep in mind, however, that a local travel management company with physical offices isn’t necessarily the best option to help manage your company’s business travel needs, as it may not have all the features you need to optimize your travel program.

Choosing a travel management company that doesn’t offer all the features you need puts you back at square one, facing the same limitations as in the past.

Below, we detail the key features you should look for when comparing travel management companies that will help you save money, protect your business travelers, and streamline your entire travel management program.

  • Comprehensive travel list: It is essential that the travel management company you choose gives you access to a wide inventory of transportation and accommodation, as well as enables you to compare prices, dates and offers that best suit your travel needs.
  • Built-in approval workflow: Embedding your travel approval workflow and travel policy into your travel management company platform helps you increase policy compliance rates and eliminates the need to manage travel and expenses via lengthy email threads.
  • Centralized Invoice Collection: Some travel management companies do not operate as a single vendor which means you still need to collect and submit invoices from different companies. Travel management companies offer a system that can save you a lot of time and hassle by consolidating all your monthly invoices into a single vendor invoice.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Flexible booking options enable last-minute changes in trip dates or cancellations to be accommodated after booking for free or at a reasonable price.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Unexpected events are inevitable on business trips, and you need to know that your travel management company will be there to help you if something goes wrong. A prompt, easily accessible customer support function is essential to help your travelers handle issues that arise.
  • Reporting Capabilities: The ability to access travel data broken down by individual business travelers, mode of transportation, booking type and cancellations, helps you conduct significant cost optimization activities.

4 Best Corporate Travel Management Agencies for Companies Based in Aberdeen

Now that you know what to keep your eyes peeled for when choosing a travel agency or company, let’s check out some of the best travel management companies for Aberdeen based businesses that have these features.

Here are our top four picks.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is an all-in-one travel platform that manages everything about your business travel. With TravelPerk, you don’t have to worry about booking, costs, risk management, compliance, etc.

What’s more, TravelPerk recently acquired UK business travel specialist Click Travel in 2021. This acquisition has allowed Travelpark to expand into the UK and create an unbeatable, one-of-a-kind solution for companies in Aberdeen and elsewhere. United Kingdom.

Here are some other features that make TravelPerk the ideal travel management solution for your business:

  • Flexible booking with FlexiPerk: FlexiPerk allows you to cancel a booked trip (two hours before departure) and still get 80% of your money back. Also, there is no limit to how many cancellations you can make.
  • Security Alerts with TravelCare: TravelPerk’s TravelCare feature is a travel security solution that provides you with essential and up-to-date alerts about what’s happening at your planned destination. This feature provides maximum travel safety and ensures the assistance you need in case of emergency.
  • Integrated travel policy and approval flow: You can use this feature to set ground rules and guidelines for how your travel group should book and spend their travel. You can update these policies as often as you like and set up different policies for different trips
  • 24/7 Fast Customer Support: TravelPerk has an ever-ready team of travel consultants who can offer you and your team members or employees any assistance you may need on your corporate trip. You can count on TravelPerk’s out-of-hours service from real people responding within 15 seconds.
  • Easy and real-time expense reports: You can use TravelPark to create, access, and export expense reports. These reports are flexible as you can break the data down by person, recoverable VAT, cancellations, etc You can use reports to track your travel budget.
  • Carbon Offsetting with GreenPerk: Worried about your carbon footprint after finishing a trip? GreenPerk helps you achieve your sustainability goals and offset your carbon footprint by raising funds (from every trip you take) and investing in certified sustainable projects.
  • Largest inventory worldwide: TravelPerk has the most comprehensive list of transportation (car rentals, flights, trains) and accommodation (hotels, Airbnbs) options you can choose from — in Aberdeen or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Other excellent features that set Travelpark apart are centralized invoicing, integration with third party software, event management and VAT recovery.

See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free

2. QA travel

QA Travel is a travel management company with 25+ years of experience providing corporate travel solutions to companies across a range of sectors in the UK.

QA Travel uses smart travel technology and its access to respected travel networks adds value to its customers.

Some of the key features of the QA tour are:

  • Traveler tracking that allows you to contact and communicate with other travelers using email, SMS or mobile apps.
  • Online invoicing system where you can access individual invoices and monitor your team’s travel expenses.
  • ATRIIS – GTP that acts as a booking tool to help you manage your itinerary and save costs on your travel program.
  • QA Travel mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to perform online check-in and get the latest news about any trip changes.
  • Travel inventory that includes but is not limited to over 430 airlines and 44 car rental companies.

While QA Travel has convenient features, it still doesn’t offer as many savings on trips as TravelPark because of TravelPerk’s extensive inventory and exclusive negotiated rates with service providers. Travelpark also offers pre-, during, and more security. Post-Travel

Also, TravelPerk offers better mobile app functionality as you can’t use QA Travel’s app to book trips.

Finally, while QA Travel’s inventory pales in comparison to TravelPark, TravelPark has even negotiated corporate rate hikes with hotel chains.

3. Munro’s Travels

Munro’s Travel provides travel management services to companies in the maritime and energy sectors. They have served these types of companies in the travel industry for over 50 years.

Munro’s Travel offers the following features and services to energy and marine companies from Aberdeen:

  • Air travel with competitive market fares.
  • Accommodation included in special deals with local hotels in Aberdeen and other parts of the world.
  • Expertise in managing travel management for marine and energy companies.
  • An in-house team of visa and passport specialists who handle applications for foreigners wishing to come to the UK.
  • Cost-saving initiatives to help you find low-rent opportunities.

While Munro’s Travel may specialize in managing travel arrangements in the energy sector, they fall short in many other areas.

For example, you can’t get refunds on canceled trips, recover VAT on travel, get the latest news about events surrounding your trip, or offset the carbon emissions of your trip — which you can do with TravelPerk.

4. Journey to the Clyde

Clyde Travel is another travel management company that handles corporate travel for companies in the maritime and offshore industries.

With over 30 years experience under their belt, Clyde Travel is a popular choice for corporate businesses out of Aberdeen.

Here are some of the features and services Clyde Travel can offer you:

  • Consort ™ — a crew travel technology that allows you to gain visibility and insight to ensure all your crew members are in the right place at the right time.
  • 24/7 support from a dedicated team of account managers and a team of expert travel consultants.
  • Marine and offshore airfare for your crew members.

Clyde Travel offers a variety of travel management services but could use a better and more user-friendly self-booking tool. Clyde Travel also doesn’t have VAT recovery features or up-to-date security solutions like TravelCare.

Ready to choose a corporate travel agency for your Aberdeen-based business?

To provide your company with the best business travel experience, you need to look beyond local TMCs, as they may just be able to offer some of what you need.

TravelPerk, on the other hand, is a travel solution that offers flexibility, 24/7 support, cost savings, a ton of travel options and more — all in one place. That way, you have everything you need before, during and even after your trip.

Get started with TravelPerk today for free to save time and enjoy the best business travel experience you can have.

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