Top 4 Business Travel Management Companies in Glasgow

As a travel manager, you will agree that managing corporate travel can be overwhelming. From planning to staying within your company’s budget to getting stakeholder approval, the list seems endless.

This is where travel management companies (TMC) come in. With TMC you can manage every aspect of your business travel in one place. For example, you can book tickets, manage your travelers’ itineraries and track your travel expenses.

In this article, we have outlined some of the best business travel management companies in Glasgow.

But before that, what features should you look for when choosing a business travel management company?

Features to look for while choosing a travel management company

Many travel management companies for business in Glasgow offer travel technology to assist with the booking process or have dedicated agents to help you book your trip.

Keep in mind, however, that a local travel management company with physical offices isn’t necessarily the best option to help manage your company’s business travel needs, as it may not have all the features you need to optimize your travel program.

Choosing a travel management company that doesn’t offer all the features you need puts you back at square one, facing the same limitations as in the past.

Below, we detail the key features you should look for when comparing travel management companies that will help you save money, protect your business travelers, and streamline your entire travel management program.

  • Comprehensive travel list: It is essential that the travel management company you choose gives you access to a wide inventory of transportation and accommodation, as well as enables you to compare prices, dates and offers that best suit your travel needs.
  • Built-in approval workflow: Embedding your travel approval workflow and travel policy into your travel management company platform helps you increase policy compliance rates and eliminates the need to manage travel and expenses via lengthy email threads.
  • Centralized Invoice Collection: Some travel management companies do not operate as a single vendor which means you still need to collect and submit invoices from different companies. Travel management companies offer a system that can save you a lot of time and hassle by consolidating all your monthly invoices into a single vendor invoice.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Flexible booking options enable last-minute changes in trip dates or cancellations to be accommodated after booking for free or at a reasonable price.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Unexpected events are inevitable on business trips, and you need to know that your travel management company will be there to help you if something goes wrong. A prompt, easily accessible customer support function is essential to help your travelers handle issues that arise.
  • Reporting Capabilities: The ability to access travel data, segmented by individual business travelers, mode of transportation, booking type and cancellations, helps you conduct significant cost optimization activities.

4 Best Business Travel Management Companies in Glasgow

Now that you understand the features to look for when choosing a suitable business travel management company let’s review some of the best TMCs to consider in Glasgow.

1. TravelPerk

Travelpark is an all-in-one platform for managing corporate travel. It is equipped with essential features for booking travel and managing business trips in one place. It provides complete transparency on your expenses, travel schedule and workflow.

Not only that, TravelPerk helps save time as you can collect, view and track all your traveler data in one central dashboard. This removes the stress of manually collecting data from different platforms (eg, email, Slack messages, and meetings).

TravelPerk gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive travel listings for flights, trains, car rentals and accommodation providers.

Other notable features of TravelPerk include:

Additionally, to help meet the needs of business travelers to Glasgow and the UK, TravelPerk has acquired ClickTravel, a leading UK business travel management company. ClickTravel uses technology to streamline domestic business travel in the UK.

On top of all this, TravelPerk has an event management feature that lets you plan event-based business trips. With one click, you can invite participants, book tickets, select suitable locations and schedule events. This feature allows organizations with remote or hybrid teams to connect with their employees in real life.

Overall, TravelPerk offers a wide range of integrations including expense management, duty of care, and security solutions. You can explore our marketplace and customize your integration to fit your travel needs today.

See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free

2. Stuart Travel Management

Steward Travel Management is a UK-based company focused on providing marine and offshore travel programs. They have a marine team that provides round-the-clock support for marine and offshore crews in every aspect of their travel needs.

Overall, this agency helps companies source the best and most cost-effective means of transportation

Here are some of the business travel services Stewart Travel Management offers:

  • Personalized corporate travel management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated conference and event management team
  • Transportation and accommodation (airfare, hotel, rail, ferry, and car rental)
  • Convenient self-booking tool
  • 24 hour emergency assistance service
  • Visa and Passport Services
  • Effective management reporting
  • Flexible payment solutions (including credit terms)

Although Stewart Travel Management offers a good range of features for corporate travelers, the agency is not an end-to-end solution.

For example, the agency does not support invoicing, VAT recovery and carbon offsetting, which are essential when arranging travel. Stewart Travel Management lacks a comprehensive travel management reporting system to help finance teams gain visibility into company travel spend. Without this system, it will be difficult for your organization to generate comprehensive travel reports and make data-informed travel decisions.

Additionally, Stewart Travel Management Agency does not provide real-time updates on issues affecting travel worldwide. This makes it difficult to get accurate information about any restrictions or local guidelines that will ensure a safe business trip. On the other hand, TravelPerk has a built-in travel risk management solution called TravelCare that provides all the latest travel ban information at your fingertips.

3. Agito

Agiito is a UK travel agency that helps companies manage travel, meetings and events. They help organize and book corporate trips while considering the safety and well-being of your employees. They can help you manage your travel programs and plan business events.

Below are some of the features that Agiito offers to corporate travelers:

  • Access to over 300,000+ properties
  • Carbon Offsetting Air Booking and Rail Booking
  • Door to door taxi, car and coach hire
  • Premium chauffeur service
  • Traveler tracking and risk management to ensure the safety of your employees.

Despite Agiito providing all the features for corporate travelers, agencies lack a comprehensive travel and expense reporting system. Users may not have full visibility of their travel expenses.

Also, Agiito has limited options that your organization can choose from compared to TravelPerk which has the largest list of corporate accommodation worldwide. TravelPerk provides users with accommodation listings on global distribution systems (GDS) such as Amadeus and online travel agencies (OTA) such as and Expedia.

4. Clyde Travel Management

Clyde Travel Management is a travel management company in Glasgow. Primarily, they offer crew mobilization for the marine, offshore and renewable energy sectors.

Clyde Travel Management also provides a travel technology that allows users to book trips and manage corporate travel efficiently and stress-free.

Here are some of the services that this TMC offers:

  • Ticket booking
  • Dedicated Travel Manager
  • Travel Insights
  • Customizable travel policy
  • 24/7 customer support

Despite Clyde Travel Management offering a wide range of services for business travellers, there are many gaps in its offering. It doesn’t have a sustainability program like TravelPerk’s GreenPerk program that allows travelers to offset their carbon emissions for more sustainable travel. Also, Clyde Travel Management does not offer flexible online booking and cancellation policy. With TravelPerk, you can cancel a business trip up to two hours before departure and still get an 80% guaranteed refund.

To see how our platform can take your business travel management solutions to the next level, schedule a live, personalized TravelPark demo today!

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