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Americans are fortunate to live in a country that offers an incredible variety of travel experiences. And according to recent TripIt data, many citizens plan to get out and explore what’s on their doorstep in the year ahead.

TripIt surveyed more than 1,800 of its US-based users and nearly half (41%) of American travelers said they were planning a bucket-list trip. Of these, 43% said travel to US destinations is in the works.

Find out where the other half(ish) will be traveling in the year ahead.

So, where should Americans travel within the United States? While almost every state in the U.S. can expect a bucket-list tripper, there are 10 states that will see the most visitors.

10. Nevada

US bucket-list destinations

In all seasons—and for all kinds of reasons—Nevada ranks No. 10. In fact, American travelers plan to visit the state during summer, fall, winter and spring vacations. And reasons why include business (and pleasure) trips, weddings, camping trips, as well as solo travel.

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is the state’s top destination for bucket-list travelers. It is consistently one of the most popular among American travelers.

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9. Colorado

US bucket-list destinations

Planning to camp or travel alone in Colorado? You’ll be in good company, according to TripIt data. These types of trips are one of the top reasons people want to take a bucket-list trip to the state.

For cities on their itinerary: Denver is a top destination; Fort Collins is on the traveler’s radar.

8. Wyoming

US bucket-list destinations

Camping in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are two ticks on the bucket list of many Americans; Wyoming is good enough to earn the eighth spot.

As for the time of year, most travelers say they plan their trip for summer and fall.

7. Washington

the trip

Seattle—a top destination for those traveling to Washington—is a bucket-list tripper can expect for a myriad of reasons. Travelers say they flock to the Emerald City for summer and fall vacations as well as solo and fun trips.

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Other destinations on travelers’ radars include Olympic National Park and the San Juan Islands.

6. Texas

the trip

Big cities reign as top destinations for bucket-list travelers in the Lone Star State. Austin, Dallas and Houston were among the most popular places travelers said they would visit in the year ahead. Watersport spots like Lake Travis and the Frio River also made the list.

Many travelers plan to visit Texas for business and pleasure trips; Others said they would visit family and friends or attend weddings.

5. New York

US bucket-list destinations

Broadway. Lady Liberty. Central Park. The Brooklyn Bridge (not to mention, the smorgasbord!) is one of many iconic checkmarks on New York City’s bucket-list—and it seems many Americans plan to experience them in the year ahead.

As you may have gathered, New York State is number five on the list—and New York City is the top destination among travelers there.

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Where else will bucket-list trippers go? TripIt data shows that the Hudson Valley, Cooperstown and Niagara Falls also made the trip to New York.

4. California

Bucket-list trippers know that California offers countless travel experiences—from cities to seaside towns, mountains to national parks.

So, where are Americans going in the Golden State? For cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego take the top spots. Outdoor destinations like Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada will be popular. And Napa Valley, home to some of California’s most prestigious vineyards and wineries, will continue to welcome travelers in the year ahead.

3. Hawaii

Coming in at number three is the most tropical, all-season destination Americans can visit without a passport: Hawaii.

When do most Americans visit the island? TripIt data shows it’s split roughly 50/50 between summer and fall. Still others plan trips for the winter holidays, solo trips, weddings, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

2. Alaska

What Hawaii offers Americans by way of warmth, Alaska answers with cold weather fun. Well, maybe not very Cold: TripIt data shows that most Americans plan to go to Alaska in the summer.

Camping and Blitzer travel will bring many Americans to Alaska in the year ahead. Fairbanks ranked as a top destination

1. Florida

drum roll… and goes to the top destination in the top US state: Walt Disney World Resort! According to TripIt data, theme parks are extremely popular with travelers to Florida for bucket-list trips.

That said, Orlando, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Key West, Jacksonville, Pensacola, St. Augustine and Miami can all expect bucket-list travelers in the coming year. Reasons include holidays (summer, fall, and winter), business trips, visiting family and friends, attending weddings, as well as celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

While summer is the perennial high travel season, this latest TripIt data shows that many Americans are planning to fulfill their bucket-list travel dreams in the fall and winter.

And I can certainly understand why: the shoulder season—that is, before and after the busy summer travel season—Usually Offers good deals and less crowds. And after an unusually busy summer of travel, some Americans may be waiting for temperatures, prices—and barriers—to cool.

Let’s hope for all of the above.

Methods: TripIt surveyed more than 1,800 US-based users to understand their upcoming travel plans. The survey was conducted from May 24 – June 1, 2022.

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