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This month, many LGBTQ + travelers will similarly go out to celebrate summer trips and Pride Month. Yet, for this community of travelers, traveling is not as easy অথবা or just as safe অন্য for others. In some destinations, LGBTQ + travelers still face the risk of discrimination and loss, so it is incredibly important to know which destinations are the most open and welcoming, and which require a high level of caution and caution.

To that end, we’ve worked with our partner GeoSure (which enables TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety Score feature) to understand what are the safest destinations for the LGBTQ + community, based on metadata analysis captured from hundreds of trusted sources.

Some of these sources include International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, Gay Travel Index, Built Environment Variables and LGBTQ + Community Key, ACLED, Human Rights Campaign – Municipal Equality Index, Human Rights Index, Amnesty , Sharing statistics from the GCO community, and security experiences.

Here are the top 10 safest cities for LGBTQ + travelers, according to GeoSure data.

10. Portland, Maine

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 82/100

Portland has long welcomed (and embraced) LGBTQ + travelers হিসেবে the first major U.S. city to be publicly elected gay mayor বাড়ি and home to Guinness World Record holder Drag Quinn.

Every June, the city celebrates the proud month with a festival and parade. This year, it is held on Saturday, June 18th. And throughout the year, LGBTQ + travelers can enjoy drag performances, weird film festivals and dance parties, as well as sponsor dozens of LGBTQ + owned businesses in the city.

Did you know Travelers can access hyperlocal protection ratings for countless sections at any point on their TripIt itinerary for more than 65,000 cities and neighborhoods. Specifically, the LGBTQ + security score includes elements such as the possibility of harm or discrimination against an LGBTQ + individual or group and the level of caution required in a position. In the TripIt app, the Neighborhood Safety score focuses on the level of risk (although the ranking of the post represents the level of security).

9. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 82/100

Although many cities around the world celebrate the proud month in June, celebrations in St. John’s – including Pride Week – begin in July. This year, both St. John’s Pride Week and Come Home Choir begin July 15 The Pride Parade is held on Sunday, July 24

Need a place to stay? Visit Misterb & b. A vacation rental site that lists private rooms, apartments and LGBTQ +-friendly hotels that help you choose “welcome accommodation that suits your style and budget.”

8. Boston, Massachusetts

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 82/100

As the first capital city of the US state (Massachusetts) to legalize same-sex marriage, Boston has long welcomed LGBTQ + travelers.

Every April, the city hosts Wicked Queer, an LGBTQ + movie festival. For year-round art and culture, plan to visit Theater Offensive — a theater company that works to improve diverse voices and highlight the diversity of the LGBTQ + community through art.

Going to Boston to celebrate Pride Month? See the calendar of city events for all month-long celebrations, including their events with intersecting identities.

Looking for the safest neighborhood to visit in Boston? Chinatown is the most friendly, with a security score of 88 in the neighborhood.

Read more: City break: Boston

7. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

Each year, Kelona মধ্যে celebrates the LGBTQ + community with Kelona Pride, one of two cities in British Columbia to make this list. More than 12,000 people attend the annual event, which promotes “a fun and safe way to celebrate Kelona’s diverse and accepting community.”

Proud not visiting time? Throughout the year, countless LGBT2Q + activities are taking place around the city. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities – from hiking, boating and skiing to winery touring.

6. Stavanger, Norway

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

The Norwegian city of Stavanger has long been celebrated by the LGBTQ + community – the first official celebration since Gay Day began in 1998 and the following year. Since then, the first week of September has been celebrated.

This year, the Skeivå Rogaland Pride begins on August 29 and ends with a Pride Parade and Party on Saturday, September 3.

Visitors to Stavanger will enjoy the natural beauty of the city and surrounding area, including fjords, mountains and white beaches, as well as its many museums and charming old town.

5. Alicante, Spain

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

The port city of Alicante has beautiful beaches and a comfortable lifestyle. According to Travel Gay, the city “provides a great setting for gay customers. You’ll find bars, sanas and a cruise club, with most of the space near the sea.”

Benidorm, a town in Alicante, hosts an annual Pride Festival; Celebrations take place September 5-11, 2022.

4. Dundee, Scotland

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

While Scotland’s major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh attract the lion’s share of international visitors, the city of Dundee is the safest in Scotland (and the UK) for LGBTQ + travelers.

Dundee, a UNESCO City of Design, is Scotland’s fourth largest city and home to scenic V&A museums, countless theaters and art centers, as well as cultural attractions such as a 45-minute self-guided Dundee Architectural Trail.

Planning to visit Dundee for Pride? Visit Dundee Pride’s Facebook page for the latest information on events happening around the city.

3. San Francisco, California

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 83/100

San Francisco is home to one of the largest and most prominent LGBTQ + communities in the United States. Its history is full of LGBTQ + activism and the fight for equality. According to some, it is the gay capital of the world.

San Francisco is one of the safest neighborhoods for LGBTQ + travelers, with a security score of 92 in the Castro district.

Planning to visit SF for pride? You will be spoiled for choice in the events and activities that take place across the city and the Gulf. You won’t want to miss the main event, the 52nd Annual San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration, taking place June 25 and 26.

2. Granada, Spain

Safe City LGBTQ + Travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 85/100

To some travelers, Granada is probably the birthplace and home of one of Spain’s most famous LGBTQ + poets, Federico Garcia Lorca. Throughout the year, the city offers visitors the finer things in life: delicious food, local wine and the opportunity to get lost in the streets like its maze.

Going to Granada for pride? The city’s festival – also known as the Orglo Granada – takes place throughout June

Tip: Follow Granada visible For the latest updates on the Orgullo Granada event on Twitter.

1. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

LGBTQ + travelers

GeoSafeScore ™: 86/100

At the top, Victoria is the second largest city in British Columbia and the third largest in Canada.

So, what are the offers for LGBTQ + travelers? For starters, the Victoria Pride Festival runs from June 23 to July 2. And after a few years of cancellations and virtual events, this year is going to be bigger than ever. This year’s festivities include a new parade route and an extended park layout for the week’s countless signature events.

Not in town for pride? Victoria prides itself on beautiful beaches and lakes, parks and gardens, world-class entertainment and nightlife, and more.

Method: Partnered with TripIt Geosior, Which analyzes metadata captured from hundreds of trusted sources to determine the safest destination for LGBTQ + travelers. TripIt shows safety scores ranging from 1 to 100, representing low to high risk, in the Neighborhood Safety Score section (powered by Geosur) within a itinerary.

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