Online Corporate Travel Agency vs. Traditional Agency

If you are a travel manager or responsible for booking and managing business trips for your company, you have probably faced many common business travel challenges – slow booking process, expensive flight and hotel bill and travel expense management concerns just to name a few .

When companies repeatedly face these challenges, many of them outsource business travel management to specialized travel agencies. And, with the growing trend of digitization of many corporate services, more and more companies are leaning towards technology that can automate most of their processes and save them time and money.

This means that companies have the option of using an online corporate travel agency or a traditional travel agency to manage their business travel programs. Here, we look at the differences between these two options to help you determine which route is best for your business.

How do traditional travel agencies work?

Traditional travel agencies consist of travel experts and travel consultants who work from a brick-and-mortar location and work with companies to manage their business travel needs.

Based on the company’s business travel plans and needs, they typically take on the following tasks:

  • Booking flights and other transportation (car rental, train, etc.)
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Creating travel itineraries for business travel
  • Arrange travel visa
  • Ensure that care is taken
  • Working with the finance department to facilitate the travel expenses process
  • Provide support for business travelers

Companies use traditional agencies to access better travel deals and reduce the friction often involved with travel management. Although traditional travel agencies often have years of experience in the travel industry and can free you from the cumbersome booking process, many do not meet the standards required for modern business.

For example, although travel agents are tasked with managing the entire business travel process, many companies still try to get the details of each trip right with the agents. Instead of saving time, businesses spend twice as much trying to book just one trip.

Also, you often have to call a hotline to book a trip – and if you can’t book a trip at once, you have to pay for each call. It is on top of the service fee and commission that you will already be charged And, since traditional travel management companies operate between 9-5, they often charge for out-of-the-hour support – which means it may take longer than you need to resolve your question.

On top of that, although traditional agencies often have access to bargaining with suppliers, these rates depend on the amount of sales they are able to deliver. Often, you will be limited to travel options that may not be perfect for you, but count for agent quotas.

How do modern corporate travel agencies work with online platforms?

Online corporate travel agencies with online booking tools are much more suited to meet your every business travel need.

Not only do they give you the ability to manage and stream every aspect of the business travel process from within a single platform, they also give you instant access to large flights and accommodation inventory and bargaining, meaning you can access the best rates suitable for you. .

Travel management platforms, such as TravelPerk, remove the corporate middle man from the equation and give you the tools and freedom to manage your own travel program on your own terms.

Here are some ways TravelPerk’s online travel management platform can benefit your business travel needs:

  • Anyone in your organization can easily search, book and manage all flight and accommodation reservations from within TravelPerk’s user-friendly platform
  • You have access to the world’s largest inventory for corporate flight booking and accommodation at the best rates
  • You can bake your travel policy and approval workflows on the platform to ensure compliance
  • With our risk management solutions you can always ensure the safety of your travelers by letting you know where they are all the time and what situations you need to handle.
  • You and your travelers can access 24/7 support 365 days a year with a 15-second response time

Also, online corporate travel agencies with online platforms grow with you. These are easily scalable for business growth and since all of your travel spending data is integrated in one place, they help you optimize your travel program by providing digestible, granular expense reports.

Online Corporate Travel Agency vs. Traditional Agency: Which is Better?

The success of your corporate travel program depends on online corporate travel management.

The vast majority of corporate travel services are still stuck in a growing digital world using traditional travel management processes, which simply do not fit the needs of modern companies to save time and money.

Through a combination of human services and state-of-the-art technology, online travel agencies and platforms can help you automate processes that typically take hours, save you money by offering you the best rates (not affected by an agent quota!), And your Provide you with the flexibility and support to perform your business travel program efficiently.

Online corporate travel tools are the future of business travel management

Want to know more about how Travelpark streamlines business travel booking and management for your company? Contact our team of experts for a free demo or get started by signing up to the platform today.

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