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We all know the feeling of running through the airport with one hand of our luggage and the other holding a coffee, passport, cell phone, baby’s hand or all of the above. Finding details like your gate number can be challenging when you have to unlock your phone by typing a passcode or removing your face to use Face ID.

Thankfully, TripIt has introduced a series of widgets for iOS—including our new, TripIt Lock Screen Widget for iOS—to help you better anticipate what’s next when you’re on the go.

Introducing the TripIt Lock Screen Widget for iOS

Today, Apple released iOS 16, enabling iPhone users to add widgets to the lock screen. TripIt is proud to be among the first to offer a lock screen widget

With the new TripIt lock screen widget for iOS, you can easily glance at your iPhone for the most relevant details for your upcoming trip or activity — without ever having to unlock it. It shows you the information you need most, the moment you need it, displaying dynamic details updated throughout your trip.

Need more information? No problem. With a simple tap on the lock screen widget, we’ll take you to the TripIt app, where you can view your entire itinerary.

What are the benefits of using the TripIt lock screen widget?

The TripIt lock screen widget is constantly visible on your iPhone with visual details about upcoming activities on your trip—no need to unlock it!

Take a quick look at your iPhone lock screen:

  • Upcoming trips or plansWhether it’s a flight, train, rental car, hotel, restaurant, or stop on your road trip.
  • Relevant flight informationIncluding flight number and departure time, arrival countdown, and gate number if available.
  • Post-landing detailsBe it rental car reservation or hotel booking details.

With just a tap on the widget, you can quickly open the TripIt app for more detailed information about your itinerary.

Want to try the new lock screen widget? First, make sure your app is updated to the latest version of TripIt and your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS (iOS 16+).

Then, to add the TripIt widget to your lock screen, swipe down from an unlocked phone to view your lock screen, and tap and hold to add, edit, or switch between different wallpapers and widgets. In the Add widgets pane, find TripIt and tap or drag the widget preview to the location on the lock screen.

There are two other TripIt widgets for iOS: Medium and Small widgets for iPhone.

The Medium widget for iPhone is designed to present links to the most relevant features at any point in your journey based on where you are or what you’re doing. With Medium Widgets, you’ll see advanced trip details right on your home screen, plus links to helpful TripIt features like nearby places for cafes or gas stations, and a navigator to see transportation options for the next location on your itinerary.

Want a quick view of your upcoming travel plans and/or a shortcut in the app? Small widget for your home screen is perfect for you.

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