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For world-record holder Lee Abbott, choosing where to go next is not just a matter of destination, how to get there, who to invite, changes in time and weight of the year such as: should he spend points and miles, or cash? Does he want to rent a car, or rely on ride share?

All of these factors are important when you have already visited every country in the world — and you are the youngest American to do so.

Of course, there are countless other variables to consider when traveling during an epidemic. “Before COVID-19, I traveled internationally to 30 or more countries each year,” Lee shared. “Due to the uncertainty of travel restrictions, I have made only three international trips in the last two years. But, in the meantime, I’ve traveled a lot more domestically — and thought about what’s next on my bucket list. ”

So, what are those bucket-list destinations at the top of his list? “Tripoli, Libya; and Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen.”

Lee is not unfamiliar with the beaten path when traveling – even if it takes multiple attempts to reach his destination.

“My favorite place I’ve ever visited is the South Pole. It’s so unique, so hard to find, and very few people have done it, “he said. “My first campaign failed in 2013; The situation was not right for us to complete our trip. “

But Lee’s eye was on the prize, and the following year, he was able to finish his campaign.

Statistics on statistics

While not every trip may be as memorable as going to the South Pole, when you’ve visited every country, state, national park, baseball stadium, and the North Pole, you’ll want to keep up to date.

So, how will Lee stay on top of his past and future travels? “TripIt, of course! I’m a statistician, so naturally, I’m obsessed with TripIt’s travel statistics feature,” he said.

Lee uses TripIt to keep all his travel bookings and confirmation numbers in one place.

“I use TripIt — religiously করতে to create itineraries for all my travels. From tea time to restaurant reservations to tours, I rely on apps to keep me organized. Plus, it’s just so fun to watch; To see what I planned and where I was. ”

Expert tips for dream travel

Using TripIt to stay organized, Lee shared some other tips for fellow travelers.

First, where to go: “Africa, in general, but Namibia in particular. It is a beautiful country with wide open spaces, gorgeous beaches and sophisticated cities. It’s an under-the-radar destination that I can’t recommend enough, “he said.

For tips on how to get there (or somewhere)? “It comes back to weigh those different variables. Think about what makes more sense for your travel budget — Do you want to book with cash, or use points and miles to help offset your costs? Would you like to spend money on renting a car for a week, or you could go for public transit or ride-sharing? ”

Lee also recommends comparative shopping, i.e., not booking the first flight or hotel option you find. “Shopping for your flight and accommodation can save you hundreds of dollars,” he said. “And when you decide on a flight, use the TripIt Pro’s fare tracker feature to see if your airfare has been reduced after you book.”

Lee is a big fan of benefiting from the sharing economy when he travels.

“The sharing economy has changed the way we travel,” he said. “Whether it’s vacation rentals, like Airbnb, or the ride-sharing program — these options give you more flexibility to save money, making travel more affordable and accessible.”

His last tip? “When it comes to travel, there’s nothing left to do but do it,” he quipped.

In fact, Lee is an inspiration to all of our travelers to follow our travel dreams, to remain steadfast when a plan doesn’t work out for the first time and to reflect on where we were – be it with the help of travel statistics. , Snap, or something else.

Want to keep up with Lee’s future travels? Instagram and follow him Twitter See where he goes next (hint: the palm tree must be on the horizon!)

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