How to use TravelPerk more effectively

TravelPerk continues to automate workflows within the product for travelers and administrators – so they can focus on travel and management, while we take care of the rest. Here are a few features that enable administrators to free up more time to approve travel in their schedules, while travelers can make requests or changes in the most efficient way.

How to avoid increased travel expenses due to approval delays?

Set up express authorization
Did you know that 5-10% of bookings are already sold by the time they are approved? That is why we have introduced Express Approval. These new settings let you decide how to approve trip changes. Now you can avoid last-minute changes to existing bookings and approval of out-of-time requests. This means less admin time for you while maintaining control over the approval process and cost savings due to incremental pricing.

How to get quick resolution of your request with our customer care team?

To cancel or change a booking
To save you backlogs with our customer care agents, you can simply submit a form for quick cancellation and modification of any of your trips.

Request special services through the concierge
When making a special service request with our customer care team – using this submission form will help us resolve the request quickly without bothering you for more information.

How to ensure that your users are using your local regional settings?

Admins can set default regional preferences, so all new users will be created with the correct language, currency, time, distance format and more. All users will be able to manage their individual settings from their user profile without affecting company defaults

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