Coming soon: Release approvals for trip changes

Lucy is an account manager. His next trip to meet one of his top customers is in 2 days – everything is ready, and booked weeks in advance. A new email pops up in her inbox: it’s from their customer, who just got sick and has to postpone the meeting by a week.
Lucy checked the new flight date. The new fare is a bit more expensive and has only 3 seats left. With just a week to go before her new appointment date, Lucy knows the price will rise quickly. He immediately submits the request, and waits…

And then there’s Matt, who’s attending a business event in Chicago. He is going to the airport now. Unfortunately, there is an accident and his cab is stuck in traffic. He urgently needs to change to the next flight! He requests a change through his app, but it’s already 6 in Chicago and 1 a.m. the next morning for his travel manager, Marin, back in Paris.

For Lucy and Matt, changes in plans like this happen all the time, and when you’re traveling or very close to departure, time is of the essence. Delays in handling authorizations can leave passengers waiting, unsure of what to do and can make their travel experience really stressful, especially if it happens during travel! It can also cost your business money. According to our own information:

10% of flights are sold out Before being approved
And Prices may increase Up to 200% As the departure date looms!

So, we asked ourselves, how can TravelPerk help? almost One in five change requests take more than 24 hours to get approved. But is approval really necessary for such changes?

We interviewed admins across several companies and 75% They agree that when it comes to last-minute travel, travel expenses are not required for approval. When a trip is really needed, it may only be necessary to find an alternative solution and seek approval if no economy fares are available.

But for executives and travelers who need to make changes on the go, the administrator’s main concern is to get them an answer as quickly as possible and avoid making a stressful situation worse by holding them back.

We are happy to say that we have taken all this feedback onboard and worked towards speedy approval in all those special cases! This will give you the option to customize the approval role for trip changes that occur before and during the trip.

Stay tuned, express approval is coming soon!
Can’t wait? Contact your account manager for a sneak peek of what you’ll be able to do!

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