Amex GBT vs CWT – 2022 Comparison

There are many tasks to run, manage and track when your employees travel internationally. Everything from flight booking, accommodation, authorization, and car rental, employee security and travel changes to name a few.

Partnering the right travel management tools with your strategy is essential if you want to design and manage a corporate travel program that works. The trick is to find the business travel management software option that suits you best.

There are many travel booking provider options and in this article, we will help you evaluate the key features, key strengths and user reviews of both Amex GBT and CWT.

We’ve included another option, TravelPerk, which is good for rounding out your options.

American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT)

Amex GBT is a multinational travel management company serving companies across all industries operating since 2013. They offer a cloud-based and licensed travel management product that provides expertise in all areas:

  • Budgeting
  • Employee Wellness
  • Promise a smooth travel experience

Amex GBT is the key differentiator and strength

Amex GBT is one of the Travel Management Companies (TMC) suitable for large corporations They offer a travel solution for corporate travel. To meet the travel needs of SMEs, they acquired Egencia as their solution was not suitable for small users.

There are a range of product features that distinguish Amex GBT as a travel management platform provider, such as:

  • Travel savings: You can monitor rate reductions and easily book tickets to save money with the re-shop tool.
  • Travel Vitals™: Keeps you up-to-date on the latest events to help you make your travel decisions.
  • Airline Credit Reporting: An overall view of the total refund amount and any unused tickets available are visible in the easy-to-use reporting tool.
  • Amex GBT’s Premier Insights™: provides insight into how various adjustments will impact the bottom line through benchmarks, data integration, automated suggestions for how to save and advanced projection models.
  • Risk Alerts: Provides you with direct communication during disruptions.
  • Rates and Options: Offer pre-negotiated rates and over 2 million accommodation options in the online booking tool.
  • Personal Assistant: Allows you to navigate the challenges of business travel while traveling with a personal assistant ready to assist.
  • Collaboration: Working with you to maximize the value and efficiency of your travel program.

Amex GBT User Review Testimonials

What users like about Amex GBT

“American Express Global Business Travel helped me get airport lounge access, airline benefits and book a great deal on a great hotel in New York. It was a pleasant experience.” – Amex GBT review from G2, Owner/Head of Information Technology and Services

“Putting me and my staff all in one place and assuring that we all make people and our belongings safe.” – Amex GBT review from Kali O, G2

What Users Dislike About Amex GBT

“Some of the technology they like to use is outdated, and it’s been a long process to align our processes with their own.” – American Express GBT Review from G2, G2 User in Professional Training and Coaching

“It is not very user-friendly and the application is not easy to navigate. If you are a new user or only visit occasionally, you may need 24/7 live support to get information and better understand your plan.” – Other Information Technology and Services, American Express GBT Review from G2


Operating across more than 150 countries, CWT has catered to companies of all sizes for many years. Their API-based corporate travel and expense management product provides a streamlined experience for travel planning, flight booking and hotel reservations.

CWT is the key differentiator and strength

  • Integrated Hotel Management and Booking: Provides an integrated and streamlined hotel management and booking reservation experience.
  • Housing Listings: Offers a choice of over 800,000 properties with a global distribution system.
  • RoomIt: Offers low prices for budget-friendly travel while still offering convenience and comfort.
  • myCWT™: A mobile app to access round-the-clock itineraries, profiles and supplier programs.
  • International SOS: Corporate LGBTQ+ community offers extra support to travelers
  • Safety and Security: Resources dedicated to keeping travelers aware of pandemic-related and other emergencies. Ability to identify employees in an accident and trigger assistance efforts.
  • Consultant Assistance: To ensure proper travel arrangements.
  • ECO Framework: Employee-wellness, climate impact, and organizational performance to align your sustainability and travel needs.
  • AnalytIQs: Analytics and visualization capabilities to track your travel expenses with actionable insights.
  • Data Security: Access to a global cybersecurity team to help employees navigate data threats and security issues. Intended to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

CWT User Review Testimonials

What users like about CWT

“Online platform CWTtoGo where you can book travel, check-in and track future reservations. CWT provides a good reporting website which is helpful for T & E department. Many collaboration options they are very flexible.” – Małgorzata N., CWT review from G2

“The system will send you travel notifications to remind you to check in, warn you of delays, etc.” – Lauren J., CWT review from G2

What users dislike about CWT

“The system is complex, not user-friendly and often lists flight prices at a higher cost than the airline’s website.” – Lauren J., CWT review from G2

I hope it will be available to book trips through bus services or trains to diversify travel.” – Project team member in financial services, CWT review from G2


TravelPerk is the world’s fastest growing business travel company and serves companies of all sizes worldwide

If you empower your employees to book their own corporate travel and you’re looking for a travel system that offers scalable business travel management enhancements and increased control, you need to review TravelPerk.

They provide any SMB with peace of mind to help manage any changes and special requests with 24/7 easy-to-use customer support tools.

Their travel system will allow you to centralize all aspects of travel, especially booking and invoice collection with ease and the tool is quick to execute.

TravelPerk leads the way on multiple fronts as it identifies and offers better rates, resolves issues more efficiently, and lowers your business’s total cost of ownership.

The TravelPerk booking platform strives to make business travel work for you by offering the following features and benefits:

  • The Travel Industry’s Largest Travel Directory: No need to consult multiple websites or travel agencies. Included are air travel, hotel and rail options with unique offers, such as Amtrak, Southwest Airlines, car and major hotel chains, and the system gives you access to great value options.
  • Freedom to book with control: Travelers get the freedom they want with a tool that lets them book for themselves, which also frees up your resources. With built-in business features like travel policies, authorizations, and invoice management, you gain control to ensure your business travel costs you the right amount.
  • No Fees and Free Implementation: Pay only when you travel. There are no fixed fees, no cancellation penalties and no system implementation costs.
  • FlexiPerk: All travel is refundable with this feature. If your plan changes, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.
  • Concierge Services: Assists you with group bookings, Airbnb bookings, transfers and events like tickets.
  • Instant service access: With round-the-clock 7-star human customer support, you’ll get help within 15 seconds. They offer dedicated, experienced agents with a centralized contact via app, website and phone.
  • TravelCare: A built-in travel risk management solution to provide information on safety and travel requirements. It guides, and provides business travelers with real-time updates with visibility and obstacles that may affect their travel.
  • VAT Solution: Identify and process all claimable VAT refunds for your travel to the EU with this comprehensive solution to save up to 20% on your travel costs.
  • GreenPerk: Offset all your carbon emissions for a more sustainable trip with this feature.
  • Responsibility of Care Solutions: You get in-depth trip reporting and travel alerts and ensure your traveling staff are fully covered. You can manage evacuation and support services from a single portal with international SOS integration.
  • Open-API platform that is developer-friendly: Enables a seamless integration with other business tools and workflows, such as expense consolidation or your HR management platform. You can also integrate with other apps you commonly use with one click using the open marketplace.

TravelPerk is worth considering as a corporate travel management partner. They meet the ever-changing world of work and approach digitization with flexibility and adaptability. See how this option will work best for you. Click here for one Free demo.

Amex GBT vs CWT vs TravelPerk: Side by Side Comparison

characteristics Amex GBT CWT Travelpark
Price / Cost
Flat Fee (No Hidden Costs) X X
Pay only when you travel X X
There are no additional fees for customer support X X
No binding contract X X
Free account management X X
Recovery of VAT Ltd
Instant setup X X
Free implementation X X
Complete hotel and flight inventory Ltd Ltd
Low cost carriers available X Ltd
Basic (Economy) Fair is available X Ltd
Airbnb available
Customer service
Fast travel assistance via mobile app
guard service X
Add-ons / Features
Integration with major 3rd party providers Ltd Ltd
External guest account X X
Centralized itinerary for multiple bookings X X
User-friendly platform X X
Carbon Offsetting
duty of care X

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