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Keynote speaker, author, founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), founding editor of AOL News—and frequent traveler—Peter Shankman is happiest when in transit. For him, flying is as fun as reaching his destination.

“An airplane is my happy place. This is where I can fix everything else and focus on my work,” he said. “I wrote five books on a plane!”

What kickstarted this air travel love affair? “I’m a born and raised New Yorker. When I started my own PR firm, I started traveling outside of NYC to meet clients and fell in love with the whole experience,” he said. “This is also when I discovered the value of airline loyalty. The first airline I got status with was Continental.”

And when Covid-19 kept him grounded? “It was rough. I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) so the lack of travel—the lack of a schedule!—has been difficult for me to cope with during Covid-19,” shares Peter. “Nine of my keynote speeches in three days have been cancelled. If I had known that my flight on March 8, 2020 would be my last flight for nine months, I would have stayed longer.

About managing ADHD—and his travel plans

Having ADHD (see his podcast on the topic) is part of the reason Peter relies on Tripit to keep his travel plans organized.

“Once my travel plans are in the app, I know they’ve been managed. I don’t have to worry about them,” he said. “I forward my plans and—boom—they go on my calendar; On my mother’s calendar; My Dad’s Calendar; My girlfriend’s calendar. Everyone knows my schedule, thanks to TripIt.”

What else does he love about traveling with TripIt? “Flight alerts—like when my gate changes or my flight is delayed—are helpful. I also love reviewing my travel stats.”

“But more than anything, Trippit keeps me sane. I would pay triple the annual fee for TripIt Pro for the peace of mind it gives me,” said Peter.

‘Travel is light, but technology is heavy’

Staying organized with TripIt means Peter has more time to enjoy his travels—and the little moments.

“Although I usually make the most of my time on the plane, I also like to have some fun. I love capturing time-lapses of my flights—so yes, me always Book a window seat!”

Peter told me his travel motto is: ‘Travel is light, but technology is heavy.’ As such, he only packs a carry-on bag, but he swears by SCOTTeVEST, a clothing brand that makes a travel jacket with countless pockets for all his gear.

So, window seats only; What about just carry-on—souvenirs? “I’m always looking for great souvenirs for my daughter,” she shares

And while he’s probably going to Asia (“The best hotel breakfast in the world!”), he thinks everyone should visit Morocco once in their life. “Specifically, a place called Skora, Morocco. You will not see such a star anywhere else in the world,” he said.

Any final advice for her fellow travelers? “Practice kindness. Especially now. Especially with your flight attendants.”

Curious to see where Peter is headed next? You can also follow him on Instagram Twitter Keep up with her latest travel stories, tips—and time lapses.

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