8 Best Travel Management Apps for Android and iOS

Business travel arrangements can be frustrating. Organizing flights, hotels, and keeping track of travel expenses can quickly become a hassle. Fortunately, travel management apps help you simplify your travel planning by taking the stress out of organizing those essential business trips

Whether you are a corporate travel manager or a frequent business traveler who needs to make your own travel arrangements, here are the 8 best travel booking apps for Android and iPhone that you can download for your device right now:

Best iPhone and Android apps for overall travel management


Available on Android in the Google Play Store and iPhone in the App Store, TravelPerk Trip Assistant is the essential, interactive trip-planning companion for business travelers. With the largest inventory available worldwide, you can book trips directly on the app.

When you’re ready to travel, just pull out your phone and easily access your business trip details – Even in airplane mode – All in one place for ultimate travel convenience. No more searching through emails to find booking details or check-in instructions.

TravelPerk flights, hotels and layovers, train, rental car bookings and travel expenses Details, which you can view anytime, even when you are offline.

  • Check flight prices
  • Check-in for flights directly from the mobile app
  • Book an airport lounge
  • Get mobile tickets and paperless confirmations – open train or flight tickets directly from your device
  • Get directions to hotels and car rental offices directly from Google Maps or Apple Maps
  • Get check-in instructions for hotels or Airbnbs
  • Find out about last minute changes to your travel plans

If you have trouble traveling, Talk to real people for support, not chatbotsAccess world-class travel agents 24/7 via instant message, email and phone

Download TravelPerk for your next trip (Android | iOS)

Best travel management apps for Android

#1 – TripIt

TripIt enables you to forward flight itineraries and other business travel-related documents to a specific email address. Alternatively, you can give the app direct access to your inbox so it can track and process emails automatically. The app extracts essential details and organizes them into an easy-to-follow itinerary.

To use the app’s full functionality, you’ll need to upgrade to TripIt Pro, which gives you access to real-time flight updates, sometimes before notifications sent by an airline’s own app.

#2 – Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can download all the data you need for traveling directly into the app. You can then navigate online and offline maps, pre-pin places, share locations and easily compare transport options. If you do a lot of driving, you can locate gas stations for a quick fuel up.

The app is especially useful in offline mode as it prevents you from burning through mobile data when you’re abroad and don’t have Wi-Fi or a direct internet connection.

#3 – Spend

Expensify is considered an essential travel management Android app to have on your device. The app lets you take photos of expense receipts with your phone, even forward invoices and receipts to your email, extracting essential information and organizing it into reports.

It is available on the web and can be integrated with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero.

The Expensify app is so good, that TravelPerk Partner with themSharing customers and product views.

The best travel management apps for iOS

#1 – Salestrip

SalesTrip is a business travel booking system app with an automated expense management feature integrated with SalesForce. The app enables users to check airfares, book flights, find hotel rooms, arrange train travel and rent cars for road trips.

In addition, the app automatically processes expenses, including credit card payments, during business trips. Salestrip enables businesses to measure return on investment from employee travel and spending by providing real-time trip insights.

#2 – FLIOS

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar or large airport, FLIO is the perfect app to access detailed flight information to get you to your departure gate on time. The app is packed with information on thousands of airports – including interactive maps that show you departure gates, baggage claim, airport lounges, restaurants, shops and the best way to get to each airport, whether by bus, train or cab.

Also, you can book airport lounge access or reserve parking through FLIO and receive alerts about your flight status.

#3 – Citymapper

For business travelers on busy days, Citymapper is a public transport app and mapping service that helps you get from A to B with ease. With live transport timing, you can see how long it will take you to get between two locations via public transport, or whether it’s best to call an Uber to make sure you’re on time for those all-important business meetings.

#4 – Coins

The currency app was one of the first 500 apps to launch in Apple’s App Store. A simple, yet powerful currency converter, the app provides the latest currency exchange rates for over 160 countries and currencies. It has been the number one currency converter app since 2008, demonstrating its effectiveness. When you need a quick exchange rate while on a business trip, this app is what you need.

How to Choose the Best Travel Apps for Android and iOS

With so many travel management apps available for Android and iOS, how do you know which one to choose? After all, you don’t want an app overload on your phone. The best way to choose the right Android or iPhone travel management apps for you is to find one that does as much as you need to organize your business trips.

Alternatively, you can categorize applications by function. For example:

The advantage of downloading an all-in-one travel management app is that everything is organized and available in one place. This ensures that your business trips are as stress-free as possible, as the things you can control keep you in control

Make business travel easier with TravelPerk

Trusted by thousands of companies and business travelers in the US, Europe and worldwide, TravelPerk makes managing business travel easy. Get more flexibility with easy forecasting and reporting and options, and complete control over costs Offset your carbon footprint.

Business travel shouldn’t be all about admin. The TravelPerk app manages your travel needs at every turn, even when you need to change or cancel a booking. Travel care is us Built-in risk management solution, available at no additional cost. With a dedicated support team available to you 24/7, we’ve got your business trips covered.

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