6 Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in Australia

Booking business travel is no easy task, we know, we’ve been there. Whether you are looking to keep your business trips within Australia or taking your business overseas, a travel management company is a great solution to simplify your work, reduce costs and run a smooth trip for your employees.

In this guide, we will share six of the best corporate travel management companies that provide the best travel management solutions in Australia.

Advantages of using a travel management company

Before we get into our top six Australian-based travel agencies, let’s confirm some of the benefits of using a travel management company and outline where this partnership can take you.

  • Easily book and manage trips: All from one solution. Your TMC will enable you to book and oversee every business trip without having to wade through virtual piles of Excel sheets.
  • Keep travel costs down: Your TMC has probably spent years building B2B relationships and securing you the best deals on flights, accommodation, cars and more.
  • Ensure staff stays within budget: It can be difficult to ensure everyone books in yours travel policy Smart solutions can help you automate this process.
  • Easily submit travel expenses: Submitting or collecting expenses is often a cumbersome task that your travel management solution will help you streamline for each stakeholder.

Features to look for while choosing a travel management company

A remarkable travel list

You’ll need dates, times, prices and types of travel that fit your employees’ schedules as well as your budget. Make sure your travel management company offers an inventory that not only brings you what you need, but also what you didn’t know you had: train tickets, VIP options, car rentals, and fully-serviced apartments—the works.

A centralized system

There are some travel management platforms that work with third-party companies and then have little to show for their own software. Look for a platform that offers their own centralized system as well as easy integration with the tools you already use.

Flexible booking options

Whether you are traveling in Australia or off the reef remains unpredictable. You need a travel management company that is able to operate on their feet and react to changes—quickly.

Helps implement your own business travel policy

Handing over a company card to an employee is a big responsibility; However, having one person in charge of booking and managing company travel Also A lot of responsibility.

A TMC that is able to enforce your booking policies on employee travel is a healthy middle ground, as you are giving employees travel autonomy, ensuring your travel booking processes are scalable, and keeping everything within budget and company travel policies.

Personalized service and excellent customer support

Keeping employees on track means supporting them outside of office hours, and most TMCs offer around-the-clock customer support. However, look for TMCs that offer exceptional Customer support rather than just essential customer support.

Pay attention to their customer support reviews, make sure they have fast response times, and choose the TMC that will turn any travel hiccup into a happy experience.

Reporting with real-time data

The power of a good dashboard! Find a TMC that offers booking and expense reporting dashboards that your team can interpret and work with. This process will be able to give you a cost breakdown of all your business travel and your team will be able to segment this data by location, employee, type of travel and more.

6 of the best corporate travel agencies for Australia based businesses

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is considered one of the best travel management solutions on the market. Travelpark has a strong presence around the world and is a popular solution for corporates to SMBs with 500+ employees.

Whether you need to organize a meeting in Melbourne, hop on a plane to New Zealand or plan a trip to the other side of the world, TravelPerk has you covered.

Some of the most popular features of TravelPark are:

  • Flexible booking with FlexiPerk: Cancel your trip two hours before departure and get at least 80% of your money back—no questions asked, no “please hold” music required.
  • Carbon Offsetting with GreenPerk: Offset 100% of the carbon emissions of your business travel by choosing TravelPerk’s conscious travel solutions.
  • Largest Travel List Worldwide: TravelPerk has the largest travel catalog worldwide for your travel program. Whether you’re looking for flights, accommodation, rail, car hire or serviced apartments, TravelPerk will find the best fit for your travel needs.
  • 24/7 support: Around-the-clock travel experts with 7-star service and 15-second response times mean your travelers are looked after, no matter where they are or when they need help.
  • Travel policy integration: Say goodbye to bottle-neck approval processes and automate your staff bookings with an integrated policy
  • Event management: If you need cost-effective events, whether they’re small or large, TravelPerk helps manage attendees, group bookings, scheduling, location selection and more.
  • Integration with third-party software: TravelPerk integrates with tools you already use: Slack, Expensify, GymPass, DeskPass, Freeno, and more.

If this list of travel management services isn’t enough for you, TravelPerk G2 has over 1,000 reviews and an average 4.6-star rating out of 5. Take a look at what users are saying about TravelPerk here.

See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free

2. CTM

With headquarters in Brisbane, CTM is a local for those businesses in Australia. They are a more specialist travel management solution, catering mainly to the maritime and energy sectors.

Features of CTM include:

  • Online booking tools to assist in travel arrangements: It has a handy fare predictor that can help provide passengers with flight travel news about possible price increases or decreases.
  • Generate reports to monitor business expenses: To keep track of your employee expenses, you can easily generate reports.

There are few integrations provided by CTM but not as much as Travelpark. With FlexiPerk features, you get access to more flexible rates and friendlier cancellation allowances than CTM.

3. Complete the business trip

Complete business travel has fifteen years of experience in the travel industry. Headquartered in Queensland, they have a personal approach to booking travel. Some of their features include:

  • 24/7 support: Always a great feature is the support of a travel agent at any time, day or night.
  • Flexible and transparent pricing: Clients are provided complete visibility when it comes to getting the best travel information on travel costs and prices.
  • Local Skills for Traveling with Partnerships: CBT has partnered with a number of organizations in Australia to help provide a wide range of travel services.

While CBT has a good travel list, it doesn’t match the variety that TravelPerk offers. With TravelPerk you benefit from a much more user-friendly and intuitive mobile app, which CBT seems to lack.

4. Orbit World Travel

For luxury and experiential travel management, Orbit World Travel is a well-known option for Australian companies. It is one of Australia’s largest locally owned travel management companies, offering a wide range of travel solutions. Let’s take a look:

  • Responsive, technology-rich travel platform: Orbit World Travel offers a platform that is technology rich and trusted.
  • Offers a variety of tours: From corporate, event travel, educational and holiday travel, it offers all types of travel for business.
  • Cost and Report Services: Get everything you need to create employee spend and reports for data analysis and travel strategy optimization.

While this platform offers a lot, TravelPark definitely has a lot more third-party integrations that make happy customers able to work with TravelPark from day one. Also OWT is designed specifically for corporate travel, so may be out of reach for SMBs.

5. Corporate traveler

As a travel management solution, Corporate Traveler provides a platform for all your travel booking needs. It is intuitive in its technical features and support services, making it a legitimate option for Australian businesses Let’s explore some of their features:

  • Online Booking Tool: Great for staff bookers to self-book any and all corporate travel
  • Guard Service: Helping business travelers get the most out of their itineraries—wherever they’re going

While CT is a good provider for corporate travel, TravelPerk has a few extras like carbon offsetting solutions to hit these sustainability goals. TravelPerk also offers customer support in less than 15 seconds, which is something corporate travelers can’t compete with.

6. Spencer Travels

Spencer Travel is trusted by many Australian businesses as their travel management company. They offer a wide range of travel services and enhance the travel experience, especially to the corporate sector, although business travel is not their specialty, which can show in their delivery and execution of your business travel strategy.

However, here are their top offers for you to explore:

  • 24/7 support: Round-the-clock assistance is provided to all staff bookers seeking to hand over care to their employees while not in the office.
  • Exclusive Airfare and Accommodation: With their connections in the travel industry, you get access to exclusively negotiated airfares, accommodations and car rentals.
  • A range of online solutions are available: From Serko/Zeno’s online booking tool and BI reporting, they are working with third parties to try to bring a better solution for their customers where they are not capable with internal resources.

Spencer Travel is a reasonable competitor for TravelPerk, but this business travel management company and its offerings don’t come close to the feature-rich options TravelPerk customers know and love.

You’ll find more corporate rate options available with TravelPark’s airline, accommodation and car rental providers, as TravelPark specializes in business travel where Spencer Travel does not.

It’s time to make booking corporate travel easier

With a corporate travel management platform in place, organizing corporate travel as a travel manager and eventually working with multiple travel agencies has never been easier. It’s time to get that return on investment for business travel that your company deserves.
you don’t need An award-winning travel agency, but you need one that’s trusted by hundreds of happy customers. Check out TravelPerk testimonials on Capterra and G2. If you haven’t already explored the potential benefits of a travel management software, make sure TravelPerk is first on your list! Try TravelPark today, for free!

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