5 Best TripActions Alternatives in 2023

Anyone familiar with the world of business travel Know that behind-the-scenes planning for corporate travel is as challenging as it gets. A SaaS travel management software helps you manage your business trips from start to finish, enabling organizations to simplify travel and expense management. You can plan your trip, book your flights, find the best hotel or rental rates and change any reservations if your plans change.

Also, it makes it easy to track all expenses before, during and after the trip for smooth reimbursement management if everything goes well. A travel management tool puts you in the front seat with complete control of bookings, expense tracking, reimbursement and travel program compliance.

TripActions One of these corporate travel platforms, it is known for its innovative booking and management technology, advanced automation capabilities and top-rated customer service.

That being said—TripActions is Not for everyoneAnd there are enough options to choose from.

some organizations TripActions can find prices too high And there may be others Consider setup and onboarding very difficult. Can you get a better deal elsewhere? This short guide walks you through five TripActions options you can use instead, along with a comparison.

5 Best Alternatives to TripActions

Each corporate management tool excels in a different area and can help manage different travel projects. If TripActions doesn’t suit your needs, here are five of the best TripActions alternatives you can consider.

1. Travelpark

TravelPerk combines flexibility, convenience and accessible pricing in its comprehensive travel management platform.

integrated The world’s largest inventory of flights, fares, hotels and rail ticketsTravelPerk offers the best deals in the market—With budget options. It enables you to customize your travel policies and create your own consent policy for an efficient and by-the-way.your-book experience.

As a powerful feature of TravelPerk TripActions is one of the best options so what 7-star customer support team. With just an average response time 15 secondsTravelPerk’s dedicated and super-fast customer support gives it a big edge over competing apps

Notable features of TravelPerk:

  • Easy to setup and use with no fixed fees and zero implementation costs.
  • Developer-friendly APIs are available for integration into your business tools.
  • Customize and automate travel policies to maximize compliance
  • Automated expense reports generated from travel receipts.
  • 24/7 customer support is available in English, and 9-5 support in German and Spanish.
  • Get FlexiPerk – for flexible corporate travel A refund of at least 80% of your fare When canceling a trip.
  • VAT recovery helps you Save up to 20% on your annual corporate travel expenses.

TravelPerk vs. TripActions

  • TripActions offers a limited list. However, TravelPerk’s large inventory includes low-cost carriers, more extensive rail inventory in Europe, and even Airbnb.
  • TripActions charges users a monthly fee, even if they don’t travel. Instead, TravelPerk has no subscription fees and only charges you when you use their services.

Overall, Travelpark came out on top on multiple fronts. It finds better rates, resolves issues more efficiently, and lowers the total cost of business ownership Whether you’re a startup, a small business or a team that spans the country—TripActions is the best option.

Click below for a more detailed comparison between both the platforms:

2. gentleness

Egencia is an all-in-one travel booking solution used to plan, reserve and track trips from a single dashboard. The platform’s powerful booking engine offers a seamless and fast approach to corporate travel bookings.

The tool lets you sync multiple accounts—simplifying the process of booking flights, cars or hotels for different employees from the same platform. It also offers additional services like visa processing, risk management, flight insurance and more.

Its team of experienced travel consultants are available to assist your travelers with any queries or concerns via chat, mobile app and knowledge base. There is also a dedicated customer care center called Egencia AirHelp for travellers, travel managers and coordinators.

Egencia notable features

  • Easy and efficient booking management on any device – PC or mobile.
  • Simple click-to-call AssistMe features with a dedicated travel consultant to resolve queries with native language support.
  • Use Travel Advisor to determine your corporate travel policy and ensure budget compliance.
  • Sustainable travel choices to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Egencia’s Analytics Studio evaluates all your travel data to help generate meaningful insights and optimize spending for your upcoming trips.

Egencia vs. TripActions

  • TripActions has a host of third-party integrations, such as Okta, BambooHR, Expensify and Divvy while Egencia lacks this feature.
  • Unlike Egencia’s benchmarking dashboard, TripActions logs all data in real-time within its secure setup.
  • TripActions offers customer service via its help desk, email, live chat and phone while Egencia only brings in-app services.
  • Egencia comes with a detailed approval workflow to restrict any bookings without managers’ approval. TripActions does not.

All in all, Egencia is one of the top TripActions competitors you can consider for your business travel management. Its customer support team and travel advisory are two of the biggest benefits for travel managers.

3. SAP agrees

SAP Concur is an integrated solution to manage your business travel, expenses and invoices all at once. Its automated workflow for expense reporting and invoice approval—along with the control and visibility it offers for regulated travel—makes it one of the best alternatives to TripActions.

The platform enables you to easily assess your travel expenses and make changes according to your budget.

SAP’s unique loyalty programs and longstanding partnerships with hotels and airlines allow you to book directly with top travel brands—like Delta, Hyatt, Lufthansa, and more.

Like other options, Concur enables you to give your employees the flexibility and freedom to book their travel, share itineraries and change reservations—all while adhering to your travel policy.

SAP Concur Notable Features

  • Unified dashboard to oversee all employee travel and ensure effortless compliance.
  • Global network of suppliers offering direct reservations at negotiated rates.
  • Engage with Triplink for more visibility into employee travel and optimal expense management.
  • Seamless request and approval process before purchasing with Concur Request.

SAP Concur vs. TripActions

  • TripActions brings more efficient solutions for booking and compliance management.
  • TripActions offers a complete system for employee self-service and itinerary management while Concur has a request and approval process.
  • TripActions surpasses Concur in its ease of setup and intuitive interface.
  • SAP Concur is a complete suite of products for expense management, reservations and more as opposed to TripActions.

Concur is one of the most feature-packed TripActions options you can consider. Equipped with several products to meet every corporate travel need, Concur surpasses TripActions in terms of functionality. SAP Concur is an enterprise solution, so keep that in mind when considering your options.

4. CWT

CWT is one of the oldest travel management companies present in more than 150 countries. This API-based product for corporate travel and expense management simplifies flight booking, hotel reservations and travel planning.

With a choice of over 800,000 properties worldwide—courtesy of its hotel booking integration, RoomIt-CWT brings special value for budget-friendly travel without compromising on convenience and comfort. You can get actionable insights for all your journeys with its analytics and reporting tool, AnalytIQs.

CWT also features employee care functionality. You can easily identify any employee in an accident and trigger mitigation efforts to protect their well-being.

CWT notable features

  • Dedicated hotel management and booking integration to streamline room reservations.
  • Assistance of expert consultants to make proper travel arrangements.
  • Powerful reporting and visualization capabilities to track your travel expenses.
  • ECO (short for Employee Wellness, Climate Impact, and Organizational Performance) framework to align sustainability with your travel needs.

CWT vs. TripActions

  • TripActions brings a more holistic software solution integrated with auditing, workflow management, self-service and other features unlike CWT.
  • CWT’s mobile app is only for booking and trip management whereas TripActions app allows full set of features.
  • CWT’s sustainable travel solutions are more specific and comprehensive than TripActions’ eco-friendly alternatives.

CWT is a leading name in the corporate travel industry with a huge inventory for companies of all sizes If you are looking for a corporate travel platform that offers great hotel management and booking integration, CWT will be a good choice for you.

5. Travelbank

TravelBank is a user-friendly and cost-efficient travel management platform that provides travel solutions to travel managers and employees worldwide.

The tool encourages users to maximize savings and keep their travel expenses within budget by offering a rewards program that guides employees to stay under budget. You can determine the rewards you get for the savings your employees make. For example, if your budget is $400 and your employee spends $300, they can get $50 in incentives while you save $50.

Travelbank differentiates itself with unique features like group travel and Slack customer support.

Unlike expense-based travel management software, this tool gives you better control over travel and expenses—all at once. You’ll also have access to detailed reports to track each trip and identify potential gaps in your policy.

Salient Features of TravelBank

  • Reward employees for saving more on their trips by letting you set the number of reward points proportional to the percentage of savings.
  • Negotiated prices for a huge inventory of over 500,000 flights and hotels.
  • Customized reporting workflow based on your selected parameters.
  • 24/7 support via email, phone and chat.

TravelBank v. TripActions

  • TripActions brings you an advanced and powerful search engine.
  • TripActions sends real-time alerts and collects data for continuous reporting.
  • Travelbank has a more robust hotel reservation system with more options for extended periods that TripActions lacks.

TravelBank is a great choice if you want a simple tool with all the functionality of a premium travel management software That being said, users sometimes complain about finding cheap flights through Google. Not ideal from a solution intended to save you money.


1.3 million people travel daily for work in the United States alone. This alone should be enough to indicate the ever-increasing scope of business travel.

Planning a trip is a taxing process with so many moving parts to consider, and that’s not even considering the actual taxes! If you are a part of this struggle, travel management software is a go-to solution.

If you’re looking for a flexible and easy-to-use solution that uses up-to-date technology and experienced support teams—TravelPerk is the solution for you. Get in touch today to find out how you can simplify business travel and give traveling employees better booking autonomy while maintaining full control.

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