5 Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in India

Planning a business trip can be time-consuming and exhausting. You have to deal with multiple factors—price, policy, risk, total cost, and more. With so many moving parts, planning a solo business trip to India to Kolkata, New Delhi or wherever you’re staying can be a lot of work.

If there was an easier way…

Enter – Corporate Travel Management Company.

A travel management company does all the heavy lifting for you in planning, managing and monitoring all business travel. It’s like having a travel agent in your pocket wherever you go.

We have brought together the top corporate travel management companies in India to make business travel easy for your team. In this article, we will cover:

  • Advantages of using a travel management company
  • Features to look for while choosing a travel management company
  • Five Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in India

5 Benefits of Using a Travel Management Company

If you spend a frustrating amount of time planning travel arrangements for your business trip, here’s how a corporate travel agency can help:

  • Save money on travel bookings: Global inventory means more options at better prices, so you can be sure you’re finding a great booking.
  • Simplified booking: Give employees an easy way to manage their business travel with self-booking engine and support from travel experts and tour operators.
  • Centralized operations: Check all aspects of your travel booking—reservations, costs, potential risks and analytical reports—in a single place.
  • Increase compliance: Enforce your travel policies more strictly with approval workflows to detect unauthorized or out-of-policy reservations.
  • Data-driven decision making: Analyze each trip based on cost, travel time and other parameters to make strategic decisions.

Working with a corporate travel agency in India can improve the ROI of your organization’s travel program. It helps to efficiently manage your business travel requirements and provide a better travel experience.

Features to look for while choosing a travel management company

With so many corporate travel companies in India, choosing the most suitable one for your business is not the easiest decision. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve listed all the must-have features to look for in a good TMC:

  • Inventory Size: Check out the variety of options you can choose from. The larger the inventory, the more flexibility you have to compare and select your travel options and find the best deal.
  • Flexible Travel Booking: Meetings get pushed, and trips get cancelled—that’s how businesses work Your TMC will allow you to make any last minute changes to the itinerary without any hassle.
  • Customer Support: A good travel management company will not only offer 24/7 support to help your staff throughout the trip, but also a quick response time to help you resolve your travel issues.
  • Cost Management: A travel management company should provide deep insight into your travel expenses so that more informed decisions can be made in the future.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Generate analytical reports for each trip with data-backed insights to show you exactly where you’re spending and point out patterns.
  • Consent and Authorization: Partnering with a good corporate travel management company in India can improve travel-related compliance with easier approval flows and travel policy integration.

Let’s explore the best corporate travel management companies that should be on your radar.

5 Best Corporate Travel Management Companies in India

If you are looking for the best corporate travel management companies in the Indian travel industry, we have just the list for you.

These TMCs are either based in India, or have considerable experience with India-based customers – both are equipped to handle your corporate travel needs.

1. Travelpark

TravelPerk is a featured corporate travel management solution for companies of every scale and industry. The platform enables companies and travel managers to streamline business travel from start to finish—including booking, management and travel reporting.

Employees can find the best price using a self-serve booking engine, and employers can enforce their travel policies using its built-in approval workflow.

Here’s an overview of some of Travelpark’s intuitive features for effortless travel management:

  • Best-in-class travel inventory: Choose flights, accommodations, car rentals and more from TravelPerk’s industry-leading travel inventory.
  • Flexible booking with FlexiPerk: Make last minute changes and get a guaranteed refund of 80% of your booking cost if you cancel the trip two hours before departure.
  • Make travel sustainable with GreenPerk: Hit your carbon control and sustainability goals with GreenPerk, a unique carbon offsetting program.
  • Cost management made easy: Optimize your spending on every trip by proactively tracking all expenses before, during and after a trip
  • Efficient risk management with TravelCare: Get real-time alerts about potential risks and threats – like lockdowns, political unrest or natural disasters – through TravelCare.
  • 24/7 customer care support: Get 15-second response time, high-quality assistance on any travel-related issue from the Travelpark support team.
  • Third party software integration: Connect TravelPerk with your favorite tools for a streamlined travel management process The platform integrates with a wide variety of software, including Expensify, BambooHR, Deskpass, and more.
  • Travel and Risk Management: Make more informed decisions when it comes to booking and tweaking trips. Keep the safety of your employees at the forefront of your business with risk and safety precautions at the locations you plan to visit.

Travelpark lets you plan multiple trips at once without worrying about cost overruns, complicated processes or employee security. It brings everything on a single platform to make the process seamless.

See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free

2. utility

ITILITE is a leading travel management company based in Bangalore. The company has a suite of tools for travel booking, expense management, traveler security and consulting.

Here’s what sets ITILITE apart from other travel management services in India:

  • Unified Booking Tool: Plan and book your reservations more efficiently with smart features like cost predictors, personalized options and more.
  • Virtual Mentor: Rely on ITILITE Mastermind, an AI-powered advisor, to reduce your travel policy violations using key metrics.
  • Cost management: Accurately track and manage expenses with easily scannable expense filings and multi-level checks.
  • Encourage savings: Reduce your travel expenses with incentives for employees to choose cheaper, policy-compliant options.
  • Managed bookings: Get end-to-end travel services and support for every trip from ITILITE’s experienced consultants.

Despite a long list of features, ITILITE cannot match many of TravelPark’s unique offerings—such as carbon offsetting programs, flexible cancellations, and comprehensive reporting. They do not offer a solution for organizing and booking corporate events, unlike travelpark events.

3. International Travel House

International Travel House is one of the most well-known corporate travel agencies in India. The service provider has an extensive network of suppliers spread across the country. They offer specialized business travel services with new-age technologies to help companies manage their travel needs.

Here are the features offered by International Travel House:

  • Variety of services: Choose from a wide range of services including hotel booking, passport and visa facilitation, car rental, travel insurance, foreign exchange, and more.
  • Flexible booking: Get purchase support for last-minute reservation cancellations or changes and compensation for flight delays.
  • Powerful reporting: Enjoy complete visibility into your travel with insightful reports such as traveler tracking, carbon footprint, policy compliance and Net Promoter Score.
  • Specialized services: Choose unique services to complement your travel program such as end-to-end travel management using TravelSmart.
  • Global Star Network: ITH is a member of the GlobalStar network and gets the best deals from international travel management companies

While ITH excels in its relationships with suppliers across the country, it does not offer an online booking tool nor does it offer the same level of convenience and control as TravelPerk. It lacks other key functionalities expected of TMCs—and provided by TravelPark—such as policy compliance, traveler tracking, and carbon emissions offsetting.

4. CWT

CWT is a data-driven travel management company with offices in India. The company helps startups and mid-sized enterprises deliver an overall better travel experience.

Here are some of the best features that CWT is known for:

  • Hassle free mobile app: Plan and monitor your bookings on the go with the myCWT travel app.
  • sustainable travel: Designing and implementing an eco-conscious travel policy based on sustainability goals to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Integrated platform: Get every detail of your booking in one place with CWT’s intuitive technology.

Although CWT offers a variety of features, customers report problems when it comes to getting quality support—or any support, really. Compared to TravelPerk’s 15-second wait time and high-quality, around-the-clock support, CWT doesn’t quite match up.

In addition, TravelPark also wins over CWT with its intuitive platform and larger inventory — travel managers can find more alternative, more In addition, TravelPerk offers a wider variety of corporate travel solutions, including carbon offsetting and traveler tracking.

5. FCM travel

FCM Travel is another popular corporate travel management company in India, headquartered in Mumbai. The company offers out-of-box solutions for modern businesses, such as end-to-end travel management, account management and security and risk management.

Let’s see the best features of FCM:

  • Plug-and-play platform: Use advanced technology with full agility to plan your trip from start to finish and integrate it into your current setup.
  • Actionable reporting: Turn data into decisions with on-demand reporting and custom metrics to give you valuable insights.
  • Providing duty of care: Be prepared to deal with any risk or safety issue and protect your employees in every situation.

FCM Travel is an advanced solution for corporate travel management. However, unlike TravelPerk, they don’t help you reach your sustainability goals or offer traveler tracking for traveling employees.

Make a wise choice of a corporate travel agency in India

Choosing the right travel management company for your organization can be time-consuming and stressful—especially with so many on the market. Find a solution that best meets your needs—whether it’s increased flexibility, high-quality support, or a wealth of travel options.

If you want a TMC with all three of these features—plus a lot More—TravelPerk is the one for you. All-in-one travel management solution earns 4.7-stars on Capterra.

Why not join thousands of happy travelers and start making business travel easier for you and your team. Try TravelPark for free today.

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