5 Best Business Travel Management Companies in Israel

Corporate travel is often the key to improving customer engagement and closing business deals for your Israel-based company. That’s why it’s important to partner with a business travel management company that can meet your ever-changing corporate travel needs. There are many options available to you, including corporate travel agencies in Israel

Why choose an online business travel management solution?

Working with travel agents across Israel’s brick-and-mortar corporate travel companies does not necessarily represent the best option as they often have hidden costs.

If you are responsible for managing corporate travel for your Israel-based business, there is great value in partnering with a business travel management company in Israel that provides a more convenient and transparent way to manage corporate travel for your company.

Relying on email threads, countless telephone conversations and instant messages to coordinate travel bookings, or using spreadsheets to log travel expenses is inconvenient, impractical and time-consuming.

Instead an online, corporate travel management platform gives you greater flexibility, transparency and control over your business travel management, improving the travel experience for travel managers and travelers alike.

You can compare the best business travel management companies that Israel has to offer here.

Overall the best in business travel management in Israel

#1 – Travelpark

TravelPerk is the perfect companion for business travel management in Israel. Giving you everything you need Manage corporate travel all in one placeYou can book, manage and report on business travel with a range of powerful, integrated online tools

The platform enables you to cost-effectively scale your corporate travel management and better organize business travel for travelers. A key benefit of TravelPerk is that it reduces your reliance on separate tools to manage all aspects of business travel.

Instead of searching through email to find booking confirmations or using separate software for expense management and reporting, TravelPerk centralizes your entire corporate travel management process. You don’t have to jump between websites to arrange air travel, car rental, hotel or Airbnb accommodation or train travel.

TravelPerk is packed with many great features and benefits, including:

  • Flexipark Online booking for any flight, hotel, car or train at any rate, with anytime cancellation option for the most flexible business travel with no questions asked.
  • 24-7 human support – Access 24-7 support from real people within 20 seconds on the phone or 90 seconds via online chat to resolve your travel issues immediately.
  • Travel care – A complete travel and risk management solution that provides mental protection for your employees during business trips. Alert travelers to emergency information affecting their travel.
  • Centralized shipment – Get one invoice for all your purchases and pay only one provider Save time chasing down invoices.
  • Simple and real-time expense reports – An intuitive, easy-to-use expense management interface enables you to track travel expenses in real-time.
  • Integrated travel policy and authorization flow – Create and customize your ideal travel policy in two minutes. Built-in policies make it easy for employees to stay within budget and in control of their travel without being micromanaged.
  • Greenpark – Set travel emissions targets and reduce travelers’ emissions through accurate data and work with carbon offset solutions.
  • Integration with third-party software – Connect to a catalog of third-party software integration partners and access some great apps from health and wellness to meeting spaces.
  • Event management – From kick-offs and offsites to seasonal parties, easily organize your work events and enable remote and hybrid teams to connect in real life.

See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free

#2 – FCM Travel

FCM Travel has switched from its traditional business travel management solutions to include online travel management tools as part of its services – declaring itself one of the ‘Top Five Corporate Travel Agencies in Israel’. Their platform enables companies to book business travel and track travelers from a range of different devices.

Key features of FCM Travel include:

  • Checking airfare
  • Booking flights, hotels, transfers, and car rentals
  • The travel authorization system is customized as per the company travel policy
  • duty of care
  • Payment and expense management
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Intuitive mobile app for travelers to manage trips
  • Sustainable incentive programs
  • 24-7 support
  • AirPlus integration to simplify payments
  • Dashboard personalization enables individual departments to monitor travel expenses and provide detailed reports

Despite many features, FCM travel has one Limited inventory, offers fewer travel and accommodation options than other providers. TravelPerk offers the world’s largest travel inventory, 7-star customer service, FlexiPerk for flexible travel and travel safety alerts.

#3 – Travel BCD

BCD Travel offers an impressive suite of digital solutions for business travel management in Israel. They claim that many of their tools are designed based on company travel policies and already established travel management processes.

Recommended BCD travel solutions include:

  • Dedicated business travel management solutions for specific industries
  • Corporate travel management software for a host of different business segments
  • Real-time travel and accommodation deals
  • Meeting and event management
  • 24-7 support for travelers every day of the year
  • Duty of care solution
  • Travel and expense management tools
  • Travel insurance

BCD Travel is highly digitally driven, with its 24-7 support aspects, which means that in the event of a travel emergency, there is no guarantee of speaking to a real person to resolve issues. Travelpark offers flexible travel with Flexipark, a large inventory of cheap travel. Options available, and third-party integration with expense management tools.

#4 – Signal Tour

Operating since 1977, Signal Tours describes itself as ‘one of the most experienced business travel management companies in Israel’. The company claims to offer ‘comprehensive travel services to 1000s of businesses’ and offers a range of solutions for business travel management in Israel, including:

  • Service network for corporate travelers
  • 24-7 support
  • Complete travel management services
  • Visa and passport assistance
  • Event management
  • Improved reporting system
  • A travel coordinator portal

Despite being one of the more established corporate travel companies Israel has to offer, its services are divided between business and leisure travel management. This means that it is not entirely dedicated to managing corporate travel, which can limit the level of support provided.

Meanwhile, some of its digital solutions, such as its business travel management system, are outsourced to third-party software companies.

#5 – MyCWT

Based in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, CWT has 150 years of experience in the travel industry, and claims to be one of the largest travel management companies in the world. The company’s myCWT app offers a variety of features, including:

  • Fast, streamlined booking for domestic flights within 30 seconds
  • Reserve with over 800,000 business-friendly hotels
  • Car rental booking
  • Organized travel plans, including access to itineraries
  • 24-7 support via chat-style messaging system
  • Cost management
  • Travel policy compliance
  • Risk management
  • Real-time travel alerts
  • Sustainable travel options

Despite various innovative tools, the MyCWT app is seemingly limited to domestic business travel. Not ideal if you need to travel internationally. While offering 24-7 support, it’s limited to an online chat feature, meaning there’s no access to a real person if a major travel issue arises.

Choosing the Right Business Travel Management Company in Israel

The corporate travel landscape is always changing. This is why you need a business travel management company in Israel that adapts to the evolution of corporate travel and can accommodate your organization’s needs in line with industry trends.

Now that you have an insight into what the best business travel management companies in Israel have to offer, you can make a more informed decision about which provider is right for you.

When choosing a TMC in Israel, look for the following features:

  • Technology – At the forefront of modern business travel, your chosen corporate travel management company in Israel should be able to use the right travel technology for your business. If your business is optimized with the right travel technology, it can help manage travel risk, automate repetitive processes, and identify time and cost savings.
  • Responsiveness – Travel delays and interruptions will occur. When they do, you want a business travel management company in Israel that is available and responsive to deal with any issues. Ideally, you want to interact with a real human instead of a bot when time is of the essence.
  • flexibility – Travel plans may change. A TMC that simplifies travel arrangements is essential to make life easier for travel planners and travelers alike.
  • Full coverage – You want a corporate travel management company that covers everything. A TMC should be your go-to provider for all things business travel related. From booking flights and accommodation to managing travel expenses and recovering VAT, you want to limit the number of touchpoints to ensure a streamlined travel management process.

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