5 Best AMEX Global Business Travel Options in 2023

No matter how big or small, every day thousands of organizations embark on business trips to get better business opportunities.

Whether you’re sending employees to New York, Tokyo, or Jersey City—you’ll make life easier with corporate travel software. That being said, is the Amex GBT your best bet?

As some reviews claim that American Express GBT uses outdated technology, and others report that it is not very user-friendly, you may want to look into some alternatives.

There are plenty of other options when it comes to corporate travel, such as TravelPerk, SAP Concur, and more. Consider your business needs and what matters most when it comes to corporate travel—maybe it’s flexibility, maybe it’s customer support.

So, if you are looking for top American Express Global Business Travel options—this page is for you. We’ve put together our best American Express GBT alternatives — the same services and functions with better processes and prices. Prepare for take off.

Amex GBT option

Business travel is a key part of any international business—having the right software to manage your traveling workforce is a must.

American Express Company has been a big name for a long time—for a reason. It is the go-to solution for many companies for their corporate travel needs. However, Amex GBT is not for everyone, especially small businesses.

Here are some of the best American Express global business travel options on the market to take care of your business travel needs:

  1. Travelpark
  2. BCD travel
  3. SAP agrees
  4. TripActions
  5. Travelbank

Let’s look at each of these in detail. We’ll take a look at the top contender’s key features and solutions, as well as how it compares to the Amex GBT. First, TravelPerk.

1. TravelPerk

When it comes to corporate business travel, TravelPerk is a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes. It enables you to take care of everything from managing business trips to automatic expense reporting.

TravelPerk’s industry-leading travel inventory ensures your business travelers are offered the best deals through connections with Airbnb, Expedia, AVIS and more. You won’t find a more comprehensive list of travel service providers and accommodation options.

Let’s take a closer look at where TravelPark excels.

TravelPerk Features and Solutions:

  • 24/7 support: TravelPerk provides companies with round-the-clock customer support in 15 seconds – after all, it’s a real person on the other end of the line, not a machine.
  • Expense report: Make informed travel decisions with advanced travel management reports and dashboards that cover every aspect of business travel
  • Carbon Footprint Offsetting: Greenpark Enables companies to offset the environmental impact of your business travel
  • Flexible travel options: FlexiPerk ensures that businesses get at least 80% back whenever you cancel
  • Traveler Tracking: TravelPerk’s built-in corporate travel tracker makes it easy for you to track travelers and manage at scale and reduce risk—get the complete visibility and employee compliance insights you need.
  • Duty of care solution: TravelPerk also offers full service responsibility for care solutions before, during and after business travel
  • Recovery of VAT: TravelPerk’s simple and fast VAT recovery tool helps companies save up to 20% of their annual travel budget
  • Real-time alerts: Your employees can stay up-to-date with notifications about health emergencies and other risks as they occur

TravelPerk’s comprehensive corporate travel solutions make it a strong contender against the Amex GBT—let’s see how it matches up.

Amex GBT vs TravelPerk:

When it comes to business travel management, TravelPark leads the way for several reasons:

  • TravelPerk receives a high overall rating on user review platform G2
  • TravelPerk offers high-quality solutions at low prices
  • Travelpark provides a better user experience when it comes to easy booking and itinerary management
  • The TravelPerks 24/7 support team is always on hand in 15 seconds or less
  • TravelPerk’s reporting features are easier to use and more comprehensive

Overall, TravelPerk’s up-to-date software and simple interface enable smooth business travel for businesses of all sizes. Amex GBT falls short when it comes to technology, support, and options—TravelPerk is a refreshing alternative

Click below for a more detailed comparison between both the platforms:

2. Travel BCD

BCD Travel is another good option for American Express Global Business Travel. It is a traditional corporate travel management company with offices in more than 100 countries. It works with traditional agents and online booking systems and strives to serve companies around the world.

Here are some ways to do just that.

BCD Travel Features and Services:

  • Real-Time Alerts: The platform provides real-time threat notifications through a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) for traveler safety.
  • BCD Travel TripSource®: Helps organizations reduce travel costs and encourage better traveler behavior
  • COVID-19 Information Center: Make better travel decisions with up-to-date COVID-19 information
  • Data Reporting: To allow you to analyze segment spend and key metrics with its business intelligence platform
  • Duties of duty of care: Make sure your employees are safe and secure while traveling – whether they’re a key executive – such as an executive officer or vice president – or a junior-level employee.
  • Cost Management: BCD Pay offers end-to-end travel expense management visibility and simplifies payment setup

How does it compare to the Amex GBT?

Amex GBT vs BCD Travel

Both of these travel management solutions are similar in many ways: they’ve been around for years and offer the core features you’d expect from a TMC.

Generally, it will come down to customer reviews—as there is no clear winner based on features alone. While Amex GBT gets a lot of reviews, BCD Travel has fairly few. The platform is not on review sites, nor do they actively publish customer reviews.

For this reason, Amex GBT wins. Social proof from user reviews claims that—although outdated—the tool serves its purpose as a travel management solution.

3. SAP agrees

SAP Concur is a corporate travel agency that has been around for a long time. Founded in 1993, it was a pioneer in travel management before the Internet age. It is a comprehensive travel management solution that has spent years building consumer trust.

Similarly to Amex GBT, SAP Concur is often criticized for being ‘outdated and not intuitive’. Experienced TMCs tend to stick to a traditional approach to travel management—one that can’t keep up with modern business travel.

Let’s take a look at the key features and solutions of SAP Concur.

SAP Concur Features and Solutions:

  • Experienced team: SAP Concur has 15+ years of experience in corporate travel management
  • Automatic Expense Reporting: So you can easily manage and report on corporate travel expenses
  • Policy Compliance: To help ensure all your corporate travel complies with your policy
  • Mobile Application: For updating mileage expense or receipt tracking on the go

Let’s see how it compares to another long-standing player, the Amex GBT.

AMEX GBT vs SAP Concur:

There isn’t much between Amex GBT and SAP Concur—both offer similar solutions and have overlapping pros and cons. SAP Concur’s edge when it comes to customer support—both onboarding and during travel—gives it a slight edge over Amex GBT.

Both travel management solutions lack updated software, so consider this when looking for easy-to-use travel management software.

4. TripActions

TripActions is a comprehensive travel manager that takes care of all your travel needs from booking to payment. It is a global platform that provides personalized services including online booking, spending and expense management.

It works through the cloud and partners with travel companies around the world to give you a wide choice of options. It emphasizes employee protection and cost control during business travel.

Let’s take a look at its main features and solutions.

Travel Management Features and Solutions:

  • Online Travel Booking: Up-to-date software enables businesses to review and book corporate trips in less than six minutes.
  • Cost Management: TripActions Liquid empowers businesses with intelligent spending capabilities to meet compliance requirements, automate reconciliation and eliminate manual expense reports.
  • Expense Reporting: Real-time cost reporting helps you uncover savings insights.
  • Travel Services: TripActions also offers a range of travel services including TripActions VIP service, consulting, and success acceleration

TripActions is a modern solution for businesses—let’s see who comes out on top.

Amex GBT vs TripActions:

These two solutions offer the same core solution, but TripActions wins because:

  • TripActions has up-to-date software that enables easy booking
  • TripActions received high overall ratings on review websites
  • TripActions provides further assistance to traveling workers

For this reason, TripActions is a good alternative to Amex GBT. However, some businesses report that TripActions do well in the US market, but not so well in the European market. Customer service knowledge is not as great for businesses that operate outside of the US – something to consider when making your choice.

5. Travelbank

TravelBank is a universal travel platform that manages your travel, expenses and cards in one place. It is a user-friendly platform that provides end-to-end solutions for businesses.

TravelBank offers several solutions: travel management, expense management and business-specific travel support.

Let’s see how Travelbank caters to the needs of business travelers:

TravelBank Key Features and Solutions:

  • Corporate Travel Management: Book everything in one place and encourage employees to plan better trips.
  • Tracking Business Expenses: Understand your business expenses with seamless reporting. Businesses can enable one-tap trip authorizations and add multiple stops to mileage costs.
  • Custom Reports: See travel spending insights with an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard.
  • Corporate Card Management: Monitor corporate expense compliance with easy bank integration, transaction status sync, and fast reconciliation.
  • Integration: TravelBank allows you to easily integrate data with existing ERP, SSO, HRIS systems and cards.

TravelBank is a good solution, but is it better than Amex GBT?

AMEX GBT vs Travelbank:

The deciding factor for Amex GBT or TravelBank is the size of the business. Amex GBT is best for enterprise businesses, while TravelBank mainly serves small to medium-sized businesses.

Overall, Amex GBT edges ahead of TravelBank for a few reasons:

  • Amex GBT offers real-time alerts for staff where TravelBank does not
  • Amex GBT offers Limit Management to make sure you can keep everything under control

Travelbank’s software is more modern than Amex GBT, but not as comprehensive as Travel Solutions for Business.

Wrapping up our top 5 Amex GBT options

About 1.3 million people in the United States travel to work every day.

Business opportunities of all sizes should embrace corporate travel. As we’ve highlighted, Paul Abbott’s Amex GBT isn’t your only option. You’ll notice a couple missing from this list – like Egencia – and for good reason.

Five of the options on our list are top options for businesses looking for an up-to-date B2B travel platform. They provide everything you need from your TMC while remaining intuitive and simple.

Switch to a business travel platform that takes care of the finer details when organizing travel. Focus on flexibility and ease with your travel solutions, but make sure you’re getting the travel solutions you need.

To learn more about how corporate travel management can benefit your organization, contact the TravelPerk team today.

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