4 Best Business Travel Management Companies in Salt Lake City

Is your company’s travel system tied up in complex spreadsheets and never-ending email threads? This is something that people in the travel industry often see.

Manually booking corporate travel can make complex business travel planning difficult, time-consuming and expensive. With travel details scattered across multiple sites and emails, travel managers have no overview of how much of the travel budget is being used and where it’s being spent.

Fortunately, for companies located in Salt Lake City, there is a better way to manage your business travel needs, save time and enjoy discounted travel rates.

What are the benefits of using a travel management company?

For most employee business trips, the bulk of the budget is eaten up by flights and accommodations. Without proper management of travel itinerary, your travel budget and therefore your future business travel plans are at risk of being cut short.

In fact, it is common for organizations without a centralized travel management platform to run into many business travel challenges. From inaccurate expense reporting and overspending to high levels of non-compliance with company travel policies.

Here are a few ways modern corporate travel management companies can take the stress out of your travel management processes:

  • All your travel plans in one place: Instead of reams of spreadsheets and complicated emails, travel management companies help you centralize all business travel processes. A modern travel management company will have one platform for maximum visibility of expenses, invoices, business travel plans and travel policies.
  • Self-booking engine: Modern travel management companies need to be fast and efficient. They should also enable your employees to arrange their own travel with travel technology such as self-booking engines, which help streamline all travel booking processes.
  • Smart data-driven travel management decisions: A key incentive for using a travel management company is that all your travel data is stored in one centralized location, which helps them advise how you can best optimize your business travel plans and save time and money.
  • Focus on your business travel needs: Companies that do not use a travel management company often outsource business travel management to an existing employee. But specialized travel management companies focus only on your business travel needs, without any other distractions.
  • Save money on travel and accommodation costs: Travel management companies negotiate the best corporate travel rates for you and can even help you establish long-term partnerships with hotels and airlines to save you money on an ongoing basis.
  • Get the most out of your travel spend: Travel management companies compile travel and expense reports on travel expenses and itemize expenses by team, department or project to help you optimize future budgets.
  • Streamline Travel Policy Compliance: Getting employees on the same page when it comes to travel policies is a challenge. Travel management companies can help you ensure that all of your business travelers adhere to your travel policy guidelines and/or block any unauthorized bookings.

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is an all-in-one travel management company offering a user-friendly and innovative platform for corporate travel that manages the end-to-end business travel booking process, with traveler self-management as its core offering. With TravelPerk, travel managers have access to the world’s largest travel catalog for flights and accommodations, car rental companies and trains – as well as a vast catalog of integrations with third-party software.

Users also benefit from TravelPerk’s unique corporate global travel services, including a VAT recovery solution, a carbon offsetting program and FlexiPerk, a cancellation policy that gives users the ability to cancel business travel arrangements up to two hours before departure with a guaranteed refund. 80%.

Other features TravelPerk offers include:

  • An accessible and simple online booking tool where all traveler data, preferences and loyalty points can be stored centrally,
  • 24/7 business travel support with a 15-second response rate
  • Peace of mind with TravelCare, a comprehensive and near real-time travel security alert system for business travelers
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities and cost dashboards
  • One invoice for all business trips — stop sending invoice requests and reminders
  • Automated travel policies and in-app approval systems — including approval workflows, the ability to save trip details for later, and the ability to customize severity levels for each workflow

All these features combine to create a seamless all-in-one travel management experience to help optimize and streamline your travel management programs.

TravelPerk is the only specialized business travel company on this list that is geared toward corporate travel management in North America only, as opposed to leisure travel or vacation travel. If you’d like to learn more about how TravelPark can streamline your organization’s business travel program, contact us today for a free demo.

See how TravelPerk makes business travel stress-free

2. Travel to Hess

Hess Travel is a corporate travel management agency based in Utah, providing business travel consulting and business travel management services in the Salt Lake City area, throughout the United States and worldwide.

Their corporate travel services are built for personalized service, providing clients with the security of global reach and familiar, friendly travel managers.

  • Always open corporate travel agent communications
  • Personalized assistance in organizing travel plans
  • Phone, email and fax communications
  • Dedicated emergency number
  • Interactive self booking
  • Price Guarantee
  • Itinerary Management

Hess Travel offers a personalized corporate travel management service. However, business travelers must submit a form with their travel request, which can hamper the booking process and does not allow for a fully automated, seamless business travel booking experience.

3. Christopherson Travels

Christopherson Business Travel is an independently owned corporate travel management agency. The company values ​​a people-centric corporate travel service to connect people and places around the world.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Christopherson Travel has approximately 300 team members located in 30 states across the United States and 20 client-dedicated on-site offices.

The company offers many corporate travel services especially for business travel:

  • Dedicated travel advisor
  • Travel management software
  • Travel program management
  • Booking and travel planning
  • Travel policy compliance
  • Safety and well-being services for travellers

The company supports an airport travel management platform for corporate travelers to log in and manage their travel plans. However, it relies heavily on its corporate travel account managers to help develop strategies for booking your business travel, with a three-step program for companies to follow.

For travel managers looking for a ready-to-go travel management platform solution, Christopherson Corporate can represent a greater upfront investment in implementing a travel management strategy.

4. Black cars and companies

Although Black Car & Co is not a dedicated corporate travel specialist, it is a ground transportation company that provides some business travel services to business travelers.

Black Car Co. is an American company, based in Salt Lake City, providing luxury quality transportation services for business and corporate individuals and group travelers. The company is specifically geared towards business travel for events with comfortable ground transport from the pick-up point to the drop-off destination.

Black Carr & Co offers corporate travelers:

  • Airport transportation
  • Transport to sporting events
  • Wedding travel transportation
  • Corporate Event Bus Rentals

Although the company does not offer any international business travel management services, it does provide a complete, high-quality ground transportation service for corporate travelers flying in and out of Salt Lake City, including professional airport transfers. However, for business travelers, this is a limited option to book flights and accommodation and they still have to use multiple platforms – as opposed to using a full service platform like TravelPark.

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