30+ Gen Z Travel statistics and trends

Different generations interact with travel differently — especially the younger generation. They have different priorities, different values, and overall different perspectives on what they want to get from their travels.

Sustaining these changes is no easy task কিন্তু but it is important to meet the growing demand of travelers.

We’ve been together 33 basic statistics related to General Z and its method of travelপ্রথমেBut first, let’s find out who made Generation Z.

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z – General Z for short – refers to the generation born between 1997 and 2012. This highly adapted age group has age variations, with the oldest being 25 years old and the youngest 10 years old.

General ZE was born first Local Levels in the digital age, And generally known as the generation with an intuitive skill for all things technology. An unprecedented online presence, frantic growth in the technology world, and a higher global awareness all contribute to changing consumer values, expectations and travel trends.

Gen Z is actively redefining what travel means গ্রহণ embracing their unique needs is essential to understanding the future of the tourism and travel industry.

According to the European Travel Commission, young travelers are more likely to:

  • Go back and add more value to the destination over time
  • Discover new destinations
  • Include technology in their travels
  • Take advantage of personal cultural benefits and contribute to the places they visit

Generation Z is an important incoming population data that should be considered by all types of travel service providers. Let’s take a look at the statistics that define their travel.

General Z: The next generation of travelers

Generation Z is a Huge Considerable for the tourism industry as they move towards becoming part of a core market. Let’s take a look at how they plan, book and manage travel.

  • Gen Z travels an average of 29 days per year (Hotelmize).
  • 72% of Gen-Zers are planning or thinking of embarking on a massive journey in 2022, followed by Millennials (68%), Gen-Xers (60%), and Boomers (51%) (Avail).
  • 51% of General Z travelers are planning international travel while 37% of them have domestic vacation plans (hotelmaze).
  • 56% of Gen Z’s family travels to visit (Condor Ferry).
  • Z 40% relaxation and avoid stress (conder ferry).
  • 65% ranking of General Gers’Travel and see the world‘As the most important way to spend their money (Telus International).
  • Ten American General Z and the Millennial Traveler are looking for a unique experience for their next trip (Expedia).
  • 81% of Gen Z cite budget as a factor when making their booking decisions, compared to only 57% of Baby Boomers (Condor Ferry).
  • General Z travelers spend about 25% of their travel budget on flights (conder ferries).
  • 42% of American general jerseys সাধারণ generally বলেন say that they communicate more with people (the European Travel Commission) on their phones.
  • 90% of General Z said that their decision to travel internationally is influenced by social media (Condor Ferry).
  • About ten Z travelers use their smartphones for travel inspiration and research (Expedia).
  • Smartphones are the most important device for Generation Z when researching, booking or canceling a trip (European Travel Commission).
  • General Jersey is particularly demanding on personalized services and the need to feel. ‘Understood‘They are purchased by the company (from the European Travel Commission).
  • Z (37% more) tend to book flights from travel brands or travel agents after receiving personalized notifications (European Travel Commission).
  • An analysis of Gen Zers’ booking patterns shows a clear preference for using online travel agencies (OTAs) (European Travel Commission).
  • Among Gen Z, the main reasons for choosing a travel destination are value for money (47%), availability of cheap flights (45%), and safety and security (42%) (Travel Agent Central).

Accommodation: General Z combines budget and luxury

When it comes to finding a place to stay during their travels, General Z enjoys it Luxury Sleep at night

  • Although General Z is largely budget-centric, their housing trends paint a different picture. Upscale (4-5-star) hotels are preferred by Gen Zers when set against the relatively cheap cost of a flight (European Travel Commission).
  • Across the Asia-Pacific region, General Z Guests created the fastest growing guest group for the Airbnb Experience, with guest bookings in the region increasing more than 3 times a year (Airbnb).
  • Compared to flights, quality accommodation can be considered as an opportunity for General Jersey’s self-reward. Although flights are only considered a way to go from A to B (European Travel Commission).

General Z travels to the world after the epidemic

The epidemic has cut off all travel. Now that things are slowly returning to a new normal state,

  • 71% of Gen Z plan to have more (or equal) amount of travel in 2022 (available).
  • About two-thirds of General Z is planning. ‘Revenge TravelTravel to make up for lost time after the epidemic (Expedia Group).
  • Gen Z is more flexible than millennials when it comes to coveted safety rules when traveling (hotelize).
  • As the epidemic subsides, General Z, who was a frequent traveler before Covid-19, will be at the forefront of returning to leisure travel and playing a key role in reconstruction efforts. (Expedia Group).

A new generation of value-based travel behaviors

With the new generation comes new values ​​and ideals — General Z is no different. Indeed, value-based decisions are a defining feature of this generation and that is what drives its travel decisions.

  • Young travelers are more likely than the older generation to consider sustainable travel options (Expedia Group).
  • Gen Z is more concerned about sustainability than previous generations when it comes to travel. 56% said they would like to live in green or eco-friendly accommodation and 60% are looking for more eco-friendly transportation when they arrive (Telas International).
  • 54% of general jerseys say they are willing to pay a higher rate for using a travel service provider that demonstrates environmental responsibility, compared to 48% of Millennials (Telus International).
  • More than 40% of General Jars agreed that flights should be taxed or the number of flights should be reduced to promote responsible travel (European Travel Commission).
  • Two out of three General Z Americans are looking for companies through which they can book travel for price diversification and inclusion (Expedia Group).

General Z vs. Millennium: Some key differences

General Z is often compared to his slightly older siblings Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996).

General Z has turned from individual millennial generations to a broader interest in a collective social design — which we see in their travel trends.

  • Both Gen Z and Millennials agree that budget is the most limited limiting factor when planning a trip (hotelmease).
  • Gen Zers plans to spend more money on travel plans in 2022 than any other generation, with 72% saying they plan to spend the same or more than the previous Covid-19 (Avel).
  • Unlike millennials who are more open to mixing business and pleasure, General Z is keen to keep work away from their leisure (hotel).
  • General Z is more flexible when considering the Covid-19 safety rules and does not allow epidemic-related complications to affect their overseas travel (hotel).

Understanding Gen Z is important for the future of travel

Preparing for changes in travelers’ priorities is key to providing top travel services. Whether it’s New York or New Delhi, General Z is traveling differently.

The power of a strong social media presence, effective online communication, and a personalized approach to customer service and support cannot be underestimated when working with General Z.

It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey.

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