10 team-building activities in the UK

Looking for the best team-building activities in the UK? Don’t look ahead. We’ve put together a list of activities that will encourage teamwork and team bonding in fun and interactive ways for your next event.

All over the world, the pandemic has turned everything on its head. The people in charge of organizing company team events were wondering how to maintain company culture with everyone working remotely. This led to some innovative—and very effective—new ideas for team-building events.

Whether you’re fully remote, on-site or hybrid, real-life events are important not only for team bonding but also for which teams. really want— By the end of the pandemic, 79% of employees were most excited to attend in-person events for the opportunity to meet other colleagues and build meaningful relationships.

You can have great fun while doing the valuable work of bringing your team together. Whether it’s a group away-day or a more local evening event, team-building exercises can encourage:

  • creative thinking
  • Team engagement
  • Problem solving skills
  • Quick fire decisions
  • Strong communication skills

do you know 75% of employers rate teamwork and cooperation very Important at work?

Finding the perfect event can be difficult—especially if doing it via Zoom is your only option—but we’ve come up with a list of personalized team-building ideas to fit most budgets, team sizes, age ranges, and groups. interests

There’s nothing like bringing people together in real life, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite event ideas from London to across the UK.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Boat Tours: Take your ideas from Zoom and float on the Thames

  • Location: London
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • group size: 10-50
  • Budget: $$$
  • Book now

Most people who either live in London or visit frequently will talk about going on a boat trip — but it’s one of those things we rarely manage to arrange. So, why not plan a team day on the river?

It’s a great way to get everyone out in the fresh air and provide a memorable experience for your team. Moocanoe offers personalized boat-based team-building activities, but if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, or with a celebratory feel, you can hire one of Silverfleet’s year-round party boats.

2. Crazy Golf: Get your group together for some hole-in-ones and lots of laughs!

  • Location: London
  • Duration: 1-4 hours
  • group size: 50 Max
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

You’re lucky we did our research—London at all explosion With options for crazy golf, a firm favorite guarantees a good time.

Located in Marylebone, Swingers not only offers ‘the best crazy golf in London’, but also a variety of street-food outlets for a post-golf meal. The ultimate way to get your team going without being too physically demanding, a mini golf session followed by a meal together is a great way to treat your team and reward them for all their hard work.

For anyone who would rather watch Four ‘spectator bars’ surround the 1920s resort-themed venue, as their peers navigate the frenetic course. Loud Disco Classic ensures a fun, relaxed environment where your employees can chill out.

To add a healthy competitive edge, you can come up with small prizes for golfers with the best scores or (more importantly) the best swing style. Four!

3. London Treasure Hunt: A fun, hassle-free challenge in a location of your choice

  • Location: London
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • group size: 10-250
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

Imagine a pub-quiz-meets-scavenger-hunt activity and there you have it. Ideal for London-based companies or groups happy to organize a day trip, this activity is brilliant for enhancing teamwork and developing communication skills.

The treasure hunt is set up at a pre-determined location anywhere in the city, be it your office, St Pancras train station, a pub, Hyde Park or a restaurant. It’s an ideal outdoor event with nice weather, and a fun activity to do indoors in the colder months (or most of the year in London!).

You’ll be split into teams, each given an iPad to navigate around town, answer questions and complete challenges. The questions are varied—from general knowledge to location-based questions to photo challenges—meaning everyone is included.

This team-building experience is a great icebreaker for new employees. It gets everyone involved, mixes the group into random groups, and encourages effective teamwork—with a reward at the end.

4. Social Responsibility—Work together for the good of your team and the larger community

  • Location: Area of ​​your choice
  • Duration: Half, full or multiple days
  • Group Size: 5-50
  • Budget: $
  • Book now

With the rise of corporate social responsibility, more and more companies are looking into CSR team-building activities. They are a great way to make a positive impact while boosting team morale and encouraging constructive connections. Plus, you’ll be able to run it as an indoor team building event or an outdoor team event.

With Quest, you can run a team project that makes a real difference—whether it’s repainting a youth center or stocking a local food bank.

Quest sources a suitable project in your local area, helping you find a meaningful community project that fits your team’s needs and goals.

With their longest project four days long and their shortest just half a day, you can find the ideal time and place to bring your team together – all while supporting your local community.

5. Navigate a crystal maze and discover the best all-rounders in the company

  • Location: Based in London but across the UK
  • Duration: 3-6 hours
  • Group Size: 10-200
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

If you’re a facilitator looking for an ideal corporate team-building activity, you can’t go far wrong with this activity based on the popular 90s game show Crystal Maze. It is one of the most popular team-building experiences around the world, where teams face an exciting range of challenges.

With puzzles that demand out-of-the-box thinking and high-energy team collaboration, this activity is ideal for team building. It’s designed to exercise the mind more than the muscles – meaning it’s accessible to everyone.

6. Sip and Paint Class: The perfect way to bring people together and celebrate achievements

  • Location: London
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Group Size: 10-40
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

A sip and paint class offers the perfect opportunity to create something special in a relaxed, intimate setting while chatting with your peers.

Whether you are a beginner or a painting master, this class encourages everyone to get creative with paint and paper. It is set in an intimate space and discussion and collaboration are encouraged. All art supplies are provided, and there is an on-site bar.

Help your team calm down, and discover whose talents are hidden with the paintbrush! You can even organize awards for ‘Most Original’, ‘Most Colorful’, ‘Most Collaborative’ etc.

7. Edinburgh: Highland Games at Dundas Castle

  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Duration: Half or full day
  • Group Size: Maximum 100
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

We’re headed north! The Highland Games team-building activity day at Dundas Castle is the perfect option for companies based in Edinburgh or hosting one offsite, just 30 minutes’ drive away.

Dundas Castle offers popular action-packed days that encourage teams to learn new skills together and create some light competition. They offer a huge array of outdoor activities, from bagpipe playing to obstacle course highland dancing.

Plan the day you want with them, choose which activities will suit your group best, and organize a schedule to make sure everyone can go.

8. Hold your own British Bake Off in Manchester

  • Location: Manchester
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Group Size: 20-250
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

With more than 9.2 million viewers on top of The Great British Bake Off, a much-loved TV classic, chances are you have some fans in your company—so why not make your own?

For companies in or around Manchester, this activity is the perfect recipe to whip up some team spirit and mix in some healthy competition.

Adventurous takes care of all the faff, from ingredients to equipment, so all you have to do is have a team ready to bake!

Each team must develop a key strategy, fostering creativity and collaboration to create the best bake, which will ultimately be judged by ‘Paul Hollywood’. Prepare, set, bake!

9. Newcastle’s Dragon’s Lair: Test your team’s entrepreneurial spirit against the predicted dragon

  • Location: Based in Newcastle, UK-wide
  • Duration: all day
  • Group Size: 10 minutes
  • Budget: $$
  • Book now

No, it’s not an escape room! What if you want to mix some business-themed competition with a fun team-building event? Then this Dragon’s Den-inspired activity is for you.

With themed hosts and ‘investors’, your teams will follow a step-by-step process to plan, research and finally create an innovative project. It encourages team cohesion and lateral thinking, requires watertight budget planning and a well-researched design.

Mix up the groups with this activity, so everyone’s specific skills are put to good use! Let’s see how your team’s drive and ambition develop in this fun, challenging environment with a medal ceremony at the end. was!

10. Chocolate Making in Cardiff: Delicious treats and creative thinking

  • Location: Cardiff
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Group Size: 15-20
  • Budget: $$$
  • Book now

There’s nothing better than a successful team-building day—if you come away with your own creation, and even better if it’s edible!

This popular team-building event involves a mini chocolatier’s journey, preparing ingredients and combining them to create your own product. The best bit is that they also offer vegetarian and dairy-free options. It beats any virtual team building on the market.

To encourage friendly competition, you can set up a final judging based on style, taste and originality. From novice to seasoned chocolate maker, this class is for all team members.

When planning your team event in London, England

After all, the UK is bursting with ideas for you to get your team together with great team challenges, team building games and some outdoor options.

If you’re based in London, ideal, but if you’re not close to a city—or you’re a remote business—make your company travel easy with TravelPerk’s group booking.

No matter where you’re going or coming from, TravelPerk can help your corporate events run smoothly from home to home.

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